Time Or Money – Which Is Your Priority?

by Pam on January 4, 2012

I used to be the type of person who would go to great lengths to save a buck, regardless of how much time it would take me to do it.  I wouldn’t think twice about spending a half hour to save a few dollars.  But now I have come to realize that time is of much more value to me than money is.  There is plenty of money floating around out there that is there for the taking, but my time is limited.

So, rather than spending my precious free time scampering around trying to save a few dollars by buying my groceries at four different places, I have decided to choose one store to shop at, even if I may not get the best deals on everything at that one store.  Rather than spending three to four hours worth of time buying groceries by shopping at so many locations, I have been able to cut down my shopping to an hour or less every two weeks.  Changing my shopping habits has saved me a tremendous amount of free time.

I also used to be willing to spend my time doing almost anything in order to make a few bucks.  For example, I stupidly signed up to do online surveys using surveysavvy.com.  As it turns out, when I did a survey, the most I was ever paid was about $3.00, and I may have spent 30 minutes or more to complete it.  I wouldn’t apply for a job that pays $6.00 per hour, so why am I willing to fill out redundant surveys for that amount of money? It just didn’t make sense.  Needless to say I no longer bother doing any of those surveys.

Would you work for someone if you only got paid $6/hour, when you know your time is worth about $20/hour?

Our time on earth is precious.  We don’t get a lot of time.  So make sure you make the best use of your time here on earth, and make sure that your time is not always spent on trying to make or save money.  You may think this is an odd post for a personal finance blog, and perhaps it is, but when you stop to really think about it, how rewarding is your life really going to be if you are always motivated by money?

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