Tips For Car Maintenance

by Pam on May 19, 2014

maintain your car wellIn order for a vehicle to remain reliable and deliver the best possible performance, it needs to be properly taken care of. Unfortunately, many drivers tend to neglect their vehicle. Here are some of the most important car-maintenance items:

Oil Change
Although cars have drastically changed over the years, an oil change still remains one of the most important aspects of car care. After a certain period of time, the additives in motor oil gradually begin to break down. This means that the internal parts of the engine will lack the necessary lubrication. To prevent premature engine wear, motor oil must be changed on a regular basis. Make it a priority to stick to the recommended oil change interval.

Air Filter
An air filter is a simple component that serves a very important function. To ensure that the air entering the engine is free of contaminants, the air filter traps dirt and debris. Over time, the air filter will eventually reach its filtering capacity. Due to the excess dirt clogging the air filter, the engine will not be able to breathe as freely. This usually equates to a major reduction in the performance of the motor. Change the air filter at least once a year.

Tire Care
The condition of tires has a direct impact on the driving dynamics and safety of a vehicle. Low tire pressure causes a reduction in fuel efficiency and premature tire wear. To prevent low air pressure, check the pressure with a tire gauge about twice a month. If the tires show unusual wear patterns, this is a good indication that the vehicle is in drastic need of a wheel alignment. The tires also need to be rotated at the time of an oil change.

Spark Plugs
A car’s engine needs to have the correct air-fuel ratio in order to run efficiently. Not only will a bad spark plug cause the engine to run poorly, but it can cause the gas mileage to plummet. Typically, most spark plugs are engineered to last for at least 80,000 miles. However, there are several factors that can decrease their lifespan. A misfiring spark plug usually triggers the check engine light. When replacing spark plugs, the spark plug wires need to be replaced as well.

Brake Pads
The condition of the brake pads is critical. If the brake pads are completely worn down, the vehicle’s stopping power will be diminished. Luckily, most braking systems are equipped with a wear indicator that makes a distinctive squealing noise when the brake pads are in need of replacement. When replacing the brake pads, an auto repair shop will also inspect the condition of the brake rotors.

You can find even more info about car maintenance tips by browsing some of the popular car care websites online.

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