Tips For The Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes For Canadians

by Pam on March 23, 2017

If you are searching the Internet in a desperate effort to find the cheapest car insurance quotes for Canadians, you do need to take some simple facts into consideration before going any further.

What sort of facts? The first is that coverage varies from province to province, so don’t get flustered if you see that something in Manitoba is radically different in price than something in Ontario.

Next, keep in mind that you can often get a more affordable, even cheap, quote from a broker much easier than you can from an agent. There is a difference here, and it can be summed up in this way: the broker can look around at a much broader market while the agent is stuck with a limited pool (usually just the one company they represent).

So, you already know that you can get the cheapest auto insurance quote by working with brokers. What else? Most consumers are also well aware of the fact that high deductibles typically translate to lower insurance rates, but you do need to consider if this is a wise choice. Simply ask yourself if you could realistically cover the amount of that deductible if your car was in a major incident. If it would be too much of an expense (leaving you without a vehicle), it is not actually a savvy way to reduce your costs.

Top Tips for Cheap and Affordable Insurance Quotes

Rather than re-hashing the commonly suggested methods (such as that deductible issue we just mentioned), let’s dig into some more effective things to do or simply consider:

Do they do driving habit assessments? You may have seen some television advertisements for major insurers that show you can earn a discounted policy by installing a gadget that tracks your driving. Some firms call it pay as you drive and others call it UBI or usage based insurance. This can be a fantastic way to drive yourself into a much more affordable insurance quote.

Only go this route, though, if you don’t speed, drive reasonable distances each day, and have good driving habits. You can also ask about any discounts from a clean driving record (skip this, though, if you have an at-fault accident or two on your record within the last six years or so).

What about your life and general status? For example, can your broker give you a more affordable quote because you have never made any claims? Maybe you park the car in a secure and private garage? If so, can they reward you with a discount? Is being married a reason to extend a lower, more affordable price for the coverage? Does your CAA membership allow you to enjoy a cheaper vehicle insurance quote from your broker?

Can you alter the coverage? A good broker will take you seriously if you say you want a more affordable or cheap quote. They will look at your coverage with you and point out any unnecessary coverage. This could include collision on an older car but also all of those alternative options like glass coverage, rental car coverage, and so many others. Often, such points can make your costs substantially lower.

Does the car’s make and model make a substantial difference? For example, you may discover that your type of car is also one most often stolen or vandalized for parts or other items. If so, you may be able to more easily obtain an affordable or cheap insurance quote from local broker by making a move to a less “risky” vehicle.

These points may seem random or unlikely to deeply discount your insurance coverage. However, if you are striving for the cheapest car insurance quotes for Canadians, it pays to itemize all of the little issues that can actually add up to a much more substantial sum. Ask your broker about each of them and see if they can get you a more affordable quote.

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