Tips To Save Money On Car Maintenance

by Guest on October 17, 2014

car repair tipsOwning a car is paramount to freedom as it lifts the transportation restrictions in your life. It is also a huge responsibility and financial drain if you do not look after your vehicle well. Proper maintenance of any machine not only improves its longevity, it also makes it more cost effective. The car maintenance tips here can save you many dollars over the years.

Read the Book

For most of us the owner’s manual is just a book that came with the car. Only a few people actually take the time to open the manual when the car arrives. The truth is, by simply knowing a bit more about the car we can take much better care of it. So read the book to understand the scheduled maintenance guide given by the manufacturing company.

Check the Fluids

Basic fluid levels of engine oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid, coolant, and the like need to be topped up occasionally. By doing this on a regular basis you will ensure that there is never an insufficient level of these fluids in the vehicle which may cause harm to the working of the machine.

Spare the Tires Some Thought

The correct air pressure in your tires can make a huge difference to generating a smooth ride. Also having low tire pressure makes it very difficult to steer the car properly and increases the strain you feel while driving the car. Having very high tire pressure can result in the tires losing their treading faster due to the objects they come in contact with, such as nails, pebbles, and other debris found on roads. Make sure you check the tire pressure in all tires, including the spare one, at least once a week.

Replace Worn Parts Promptly

A little attention given to the parts at the right time can ensure that your car works more smoothly. You do not need a mechanic to replace your wiper blades, air filter, or top up your oil. Save on the labor costs by getting the spare parts from the store and doing the job yourself. There are enough do-it-yourself guides available to show you step wise exactly what you need to do. It may feel difficult the first time, but it is just a matter of gaining some confidence in your own maintenance abilities.

Discover a Trusted Repair Shop

No matter how well you maintain your car you will still need to take it to a regular mechanic periodically. Going to the company service centers is always more expensive than going to a local reputable auto repair shop. You will have to be careful that you don’t end up at a place that provides you with substandard service or even worse cheats you. Word of mouth recommendations work well for a car repair shop. Find out where your friends take their car to be serviced. Take your vehicle there once and see if the mechanics live up to their reputation.

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