Top 5 Homeowner Insurance Cost Reduction Tips

by Leon on February 23, 2014

home insurance tipsAs a homeowner, you want to protect your investment. And although the chances of something going wrong might be pretty slim, you don’t want to risk your most valuable asset by not preparing for the worst. This means securing a policy that will cover damage or loss in the event of home invasion robbery, flood, fire, natural disaster, or something totally unexpected like a car crashing through your front wall. In truth, if you’re still making mortgage payments, you are probably required to have insurance by the bank that holds your loan. But you have some say in the company you go with and the policies you choose. And although homeowner’s insurance can certainly be pricy, there are ways to control your costs. Here are just a few tips to help you reduce premiums when it comes to your homeowner’s insurance.

Comparison shop. It is your job as a consumer to make sure you’re getting what you pay for and that you secure the best deal on goods and services. Finding a homeowner’s insurance policy that suits your needs and fits your budget is no exception. So you should definitely take some time to shop around. A lot of people have a particular company that they prefer because their family has had policies with them for years or their last home was insured through that company. But you really need to know what’s out there before you make a final decision. At the very least, finding lower rates elsewhere could help you to negotiate for a better deal with the insurance provider you prefer.

Double up. One of the best ways to get discounted rates on insurance is to bundle your packages, or purchase multiple policies with the same insurance company. So if you already carry auto, life, or other coverage, ask what the company can do for you when it comes to adding a homeowner’s policy. They may be willing to provide you with a stellar deal in order to get more business from you and keep you away from competitors.

Add home security. Most insurers will offer a significant discount to homeowners that take steps to secure their property on their own. For most people this means adding a qualified home alarm system, generally of the monitored variety (meaning you pay a third-party company to track your alarm and take appropriate action if it goes off). You could save 10% or more on your annual expense.

Consider the deductible. Amongst the easiest methods of lowering your home insurance premium is raising your deductible. Of course, you’ll save annually, but if something happens that your insurance would normally cover, you’ll be on the hook for the higher amount of the deductible before your policy kicks in to cover the rest. So it’s a calculated risk, to be sure.

Ask about discounts. Unfortunately, getting discounts on your homeowner’s policy isn’t quite as easy as with, say, automobile insurance. But beyond choosing an insurance policy and deductible that works for your budget and your needs, you may be able to secure further discounts with a simple, “ask my insurance broker” attitude. After all, if you don’t ask, you never know what potential savings you might be missing out on.

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