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by Pam on March 26, 2009

water filterIn many places the tap water is safe to drink, but with all the chlorine and various minerals in the water, many people prefer to drink bottled water or lug those huge water jugs home every week.  When we first moved into our home our water both tasted and smelled like mold. We were willing to try anything.  We decided to take the big jug route, but after a few months of carrying those big jugs full of water we decided to try something else.  We purchased a water filtering system from the Home Depot (GE Dual Stage Water Filtration System) for about $160.00 and my husband installed it himself.  The filters need replacing approximately every 6 months (depending on family size and water usage) and they cost about $60.00.   So, for about $120 a year we can drink good-tasting water without the hassle of carrying heavy jugs or harming the environment with hundreds of used water bottles.

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Nicole March 31, 2009 at 9:40 am

For less extreme water situations, a Brita filter pitcher works great. They aren’t that expensive to buy and filters cost something like $15 for the year. Beware of knockoffs though, we got one that was much less expensive initially, but the filters clogged really quickly and got spendy to replace.

Jana Lee Smit- Holistic Nutrition Student April 9, 2009 at 10:23 am

Water is the best way to heal your body and if you are looking for a way to stay younger- water is the Secret to life. Unfortunately no water is safe on this planet anymore due to so many years of pollution – scientists have proven that even the most remote spring is at risk of containing nasty elements such as Radon which is a by-product from the earth itself and has proven to be Carcinegenic and can even be absorbed through the air when you take a shower or leave your faucet on! City Tap water already has a bad rap and that old saying ” Must be something in the water” is true- Chlorine and Flouride used by most water treatment facilities have been linked in recent studies to cauising hormone imbalances and ailments including infertility!
So what is the solution? How do we drink water to help heal our bodies?
Although there are many products and filtration products on the market- inorder to be able to eliminate the inorganic and organic properties that are harmful – the only proven method that will eliminate all harmful nutrients is to buy a filtration system that uses both Reverse Osmosis and Carbon Filtration. It is a process that can prevent the smallest particle from coming out of your tap. Although expensive at first to install in the long run you spend $20-30 a month on piece of mind knowing that your cup is full of life-giving liquid!

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