Use Sesame Street To Teach Your Kids About Money

by Pam on July 6, 2011

Sesame Street has a website that parents and educators can use to teach kids about money, making choices, and more.  Children learn about money by observing their parents and by following their example.  As a parent or educator you can guide your children’s understanding with easy activities about making choices, determining what is valuable, sharing, spending, saving, etc.  As a result of this education, your kids will grow up to make good financial decisions.  The process of learning should be fun and at their level.  Check out this link for ideas and activities:

Sesame Street’s program is a bilingual multimedia program that is created to help families share experiences in developing financial basics.  The program includes print outs, activities, videos, play money, etc.  One activity involves labeling three jars – one for sharing, spending, and saving, to illustrate to kids the importance of these 3 activities involving money.  Kids will love these activities as they feature their favorite Sesame Street characters including Ernie and Bert, Grover, and more.

Although your children may be really young, you would be surprised at how much they soak up at an early age.  They can start learning the skills that will help them become money responsible adults early on.  The Sesame Street activities can help you to get started in teaching them the fundamentals of making good choices and determining values.  Teach your kids to spend, share, and save, and make sure that the example you give your kids is one you want them to follow.

Educators will find these activities useful as well.  Many school programs don’t spend a lot of time (if any) teaching kids about finance.  Feel free to make use of the guide specifically designed for educators and help the kids in your care to get a jump start on their financial education.

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