Ways To Make Food Go Further

by Pam on July 29, 2009

Whether you are following a tight food budget or just want to cut down on your meat consumption, below are some simple ways to do both.

save money by making your food go further *Add some rolled oats and an egg to raw ground beef and mix it all together.  Then, cook as normal.  The meat tastes the same and it goes a lot further.  This works great for meatballs and hamburgers.

*Cook with lentils and smaller portions of meat rather than using large meat portions.  Lentils are inexpensive, healthy, and contain lots of protein.

*Roast a chicken and eat it for more than one meal.  The roasted chicken could be for supper.  Then, remove the left over chicken from the bones and use it for sandwiches, quesadillas, salads, or chicken potpie.  (There are a lot of ways to use left over chicken!)  Then, boil the bone to make a delicious soup broth.

*Add rice when cooking meat loaf. It tastes great and you won’t need to use as much meat.  Grated carrots also work well in meatloaf.

*Rather than serving whole steaks, dice them up and stir fry with veggies.  The meat will go a lot further and served with rice or needles, stir fries make for a delicious meal.

*When making chili, add a can of corn and a few cans of different kinds of beans.  It will make a lovely, thick dish without adding a lot of meat.

*Buy a turkey around Christmas or Thanksgiving when they are extremely inexpensive.  Ask to have the turkey cut into halves or quarters and then freeze them.  If you decide to cook the whole turkey, freeze leftovers and use them in salads and for sandwiches, etc.  Boil the carcass to make turkey soup.

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