Ways To Make Money Using Binary Options

by Guest on August 2, 2014

Most of the binary options companies where established in late 2008 but you will see that companies such as StockPair that were founded in 2010 are in some cases better to work with.

The reason for this is the two years in between. The first companies had to learn from their mistakes, in doing so they lost a lot of customers while they mended their mistakes. Some were branded as scamming companies and broke done while others moved on to prove that they were legitimate.

StockPair was founded in 2010; 2 years after the first companies emerged and as a result they had a lot of time to learn from the mistakes of others, thus creating one of the best environments on the market along with some of the best trading ideas that bring in customers to this day. While other companies struggled to keep customers StockPair found a great method to attract new people.

As the name of the company states, you can invest by pairing stocks together. Based on the outcome you can win massive amounts of money. This concept was new at the time and up to this day only a handful of companies use it, but none as proficiently as StockPair.

The competition between corporations is fierce and StockPair is giving you the opportunity to take advantage of them and win money. For example Google and Yahoo are in competition, or perhaps Apple and Samsung. You can invest on the outcome between those two and win money like never before.

The reason this idea’s so great is because you can study the market and see how the two paired companies evolve thus knowing the outcome long before it’s due. This gives you a very high chance of winning.

So far we have come to the conclusion that information is the most important aspect that you must master and StockPair is offering a complete database for you to search through and follow the market as it evolves around certain assets.

The binary options trading platform at StockPair is not only reliable and trustworthy but also accurate and performs incredibly well. Its 100% web based and does not need any software download. You can login from any computer as long as you have internet and you can start trading immediately.

When it comes to beginners in binary options StockPair does not disappoint, they offer a complete guide for any new traders who wish to invest. Along with these training guides you can find a complete F.A.Q. where all important questions are answered and explained.

The payout percentages are very high, on normal trades it can reach up to 86% while for floating pair options the payout is set to a maximum of 350%. The asset index is packed with everything you might need; with an outstanding 150 assets this company will offer you every strategy possible on the market helping you win incredible amounts of money.

Read this StockPair Review and then you will be better informed about the ups and downs of binary options.

Lastly and one of the most important factors that keep a binary options company alive is the security and credentials. StockPair is regulated by CySEC, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission in accordance with the European Union Markets in Financial Instruments Directive also known as MiFID.

This company is legitimate and secured with the latest encryption software for you to benefit and trade without any fear.


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