Ways To Save Money This Christmas – Write a Christmas Letter

by Pam on December 3, 2009

write a Christmas letter and save money this ChristmasChristmas will soon be upon us and I wanted to start writing some posts about the various ways we can save money during this holiday season.  It’s so easy to overspend this time of year, so for the next few posts, I will be writing about ways we can all save money this year.

Today’s suggestion is to write a Christmas letter in place of buying Christmas cards.  The best time to buy Christmas letter paper is right after Christmas as it usually sells for half price.  Although it may be too late for this year, be sure to pick up some extra paper on sale to use for next year.

Once you’ve picked out a pattern you like, all you need to do is decide what you want to highlight in your letter.  Be sure to include anything of interest such as a job change, a vacation you took, etc.  Also include some plans for 2010 that you are looking forward to.

When your scripting is complete, use a festive font and add a graphic or two.  Then print off as many letters as you need.  You may also want to include a photo of your family.  Leave a bit of space at the bottom for a short personal note that you can handwrite to each individual on your mailing list.

Your family and friends will love receiving a Christmas letter in place of a boring old Christmas card.  The letters are much more personal as they tell so much more of what has been happening in your life.  They are also a lot cheaper than sending traditional store-bought Christmas cards that often lack creativity and meaning.  If you want to be really cheap, you can scan your Christmas letter and then send it as an attachment in an email.  However, I personally prefer sending my Christmas letters through snail mail as it is always fun to receive something in the mail.  It’s much more personal.

Have fun making your Christmas letter.   More money-saving tips for the Christmas season will be posted shortly.

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