We Broke Our Tradition – No Hotels For Nearly 6 Years!

by Pam on August 3, 2011

My husband and I travel every year, usually taking a road trip for at least a couple of weeks at a time.  Right now we are on a more extensive road trip, taking a significant amount of time driving around the United States and Canada.  Until just recently, we managed to avoid staying in any sort of hotel or motel for almost 6 years.

Hotels in Canada are generally very expensive, and some motels that are lower priced can be really sketchy, so in Canada, we decided that we would always just camp in our tent to save money during our road trips.

In the United States, however, we have found that sometimes it can actually be fairly affordable to stay in a hotel, and a decent one, too.  For instance, when visiting friends in Arizona, we couldn’t find a place to camp near enough to make sense.  So, instead, we went to www.priceline.com and found the lowest rate we could near to where our friends were.  In fact, we ended up being able to stay in the same hotel our friends were staying in, so that was really convenient.

By using www.priceline.com, we saved about seven dollars and it was virtually hassle-free.  Any time you need to find a hotel, always check out www.priceline.com first as the hotel clerks can never give you a better deal than you can find online.

So far on this particular road trip, most of the campgrounds we have stayed at have been $20 or less per night, making it very affordable to travel.  However, in a state park we stayed at in California, the cost was $35 and the facilities were disgusting.  So, we have learned, that sometimes staying in a hotel and paying a couple of dollars more per night ends up being a better bang for our buck, and of course, way more comfortable.

We still try to limit how much we stay in a hotel due to trying to cut travel costs, but at least now we are aware that sometimes it is okay to stay in a hotel, and there are ways to get good deals if you know where to look online.  I guess I shouldn’t be sad that we broke our tradition after all.

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