What Are You Saving Money For?

by Pam on October 28, 2009

what are you saving money for?It’s great to save money, but what are you saving it for?  Money is simply a means to an end.  It helps you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.  But saving is almost impossible if you don’t have a goal for the money you are saving.

If you are currently having difficulty saving money, you need to ask yourself what your goals are.  Do you want to travel, start a hobby, or buy a motorcycle?  It’s important to define your goals.  Once you have determined what you are saving for, it will make it so much easier to save.

It’s really hard for a person to save money for the sake of saving.  What good is money if you don’t have a plan for it?  It’s like buying a vehicle and then letting it sit in your garage untouched.   The best way to ensure that you will be able to save is by determining what your goals are.  It’s important to consider your short, medium, and long- term goals and then begin to tuck away money towards each of those goals.

Focus on your goals instead of focusing on how hard it will be to save up to reach your goals.  By doing so, you will be motivated to live within your means and you will be less likely to overspend.  As the saying goes, “keep your eyes on the prize.”  Try it and see how it works for you.  Saving doesn’t have to be a hard and frustrating task.  It can be easy if you motivate yourself by setting targets that will enable you to achieve your goals and aspirations.

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