What Are Your Options When Unemployment Runs Out?

by Leon on March 19, 2013

what to do when your unemployment benefits run outUnemployment benefits can be a great help to you when you need help getting through tough times after losing a job. The loss of a job is often unexpected and can be life-changing, so it is really a stroke of luck to have unemployment available as a safety net. However, the much-needed relief that unemployment provides is not a permanent solution. These benefits are meant to tide you over between jobs, not serve as a long-term source of income. Eventually, unemployment is going to run out. When it does, you are going to have to start looking for the next step to take.

Of course, preventative measures are always better than urgent emergency treatment. What this means is that you should be prepared for the time when unemployment runs out. While you are still receiving unemployment benefits, look into your state’s laws to find out how long you can stay on unemployment before the well runs dry. Check up on your unemployment time limit and find out if there is any possibility of filing for an extension. This will help you prepare for the day that your unemployment runs out, ensuring that you won’t be suddenly left high and dry.

When your employment does run out, if you don’t already have new job prospects lined up, then it is time to start looking. Make sure that your resume is up to date, professional, and in accordance with current hiring trends. Keep in mind, also, that one resume is not always enough. It pays to have several resumes prepared for different kinds of job opportunities, and even these must often be tailored to specific job descriptions. Improving your resume is the first important step you must take to get back into the working world, so be sure to take it seriously.

If you have trouble landing work right away, try contacting a temp agency. Temp work can help you generate income during rough times, as well as hone your industry skills and build your resume. Applying for work in person at local businesses is also a great way to get face time with employers, but the real job seeking is done mostly online today. Start browsing internet job boards. Craigslist and Monster are two of the most popular resources, but there are also industry specific job posting boards for just about any kind of work. Comb through the listings, write up cover letters, and start sending out your resume to as many employers as you can. If you spend a few hours a day on the job hunt, you’ll increase your prospects many times over.

Finally, look into any programs that can benefit you. Job clubs and career center seminars are great for networking and meeting potential employers. Epic certification training and other training programs can help you gain valuable industry skills that can aid in the hiring process. Whatever you do, remember that persistence is key. Never give up, and you will find your way back onto the path. The world doesn’t end when unemployment runs out–it only changes.

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