What Can I Do About Inflation? Read Building Wealth With Silver To Find Out

by Pam on October 10, 2011

Building Wealth With Silver: How to Profit from The Biggest Wealth Transfer in History by Thomas Herold

I just finished reading Thomas Herold’s book entitled Building Wealth with Silver and it really brings to light what is happening today in the world’s economy. It is frightful, but Herold emphasizes that the key is to be prepared for what is to come by educating yourself.

Thomas Herold is an entrepreneur and personal development coach who has helped many people over the years in realizing their dreams of building wealth and starting their own businesses.  This book is one of three that he has written, and it is definitely a book that I would recommend you read.

Whether you consider yourself to be a savvy investor or simply a beginner seeking information, this book is for you.  Herold provides clear and concise practical information that will help you to understand the circumstances that led up to our current economic situation.  He then provides insights into what he expects will happen in the future.

The biggest emphasis in this book is that you need to educate yourself so you can make sound financial decision for the present and the future.  Herold’s goal is to equip you and inform you so that you are able to make wise choices.

Some key points Herold makes throughout the book include:

“Being poor is a state of mind, being broke is only temporary.”  Many successful entrepreneurs begin with nothing, and then they create something that leads to wealth.

“Wealth is built on tangible assets that produce positive cash flow.  Debt spending to purchase such assets does not qualify as legitimate wealth.”  In other words, just because you have a house, it doesn’t necessarily bring you wealth.  If you still owe money on it, or if it is not making you money, it does not constitute wealth.

“In the end, the dollar represents nothing more than a promise and a sophisticated piece of paper.”   Herold discusses the fact that the dollar has no real intrinsic value anymore, and that when people begin to lose faith in the U.S. government, the dollar will no longer have any value.   Due to the ever-increasing money supply, the result will be severe hyperinflation, which will result in devastating the middle class.

So, Why Invest in Silver?

Herold provides you with very thorough information about all aspects of silver throughout his book.  He discusses why he thinks silver is a wise investment choice.  He talks about its many uses and the reasons why it is in such high demand right now.  He also brings to light its unique qualities and how it has been used in the past.  Herold then goes on to talk about the different ways you can invest in silver and he recommends certain ways over others depending on what type of investor you are and how savvy you are.  He discusses the pros and cons and risks associated with each method.  Herold also discusses the reasons why he thinks silver prices will go up significantly in the future.

How About Investing In Gold?

Herold also addresses the topic of investing in gold within this book and compares investing in gold with investing in silver.  He suggests that investing in silver makes more sense right now since it is undervalued.  Why buy something that is already expensive when you can buy something on sale?  Herold provides many more insights in his book regarding this subject.

A Thought To Leave You With

As troubling as it is, we should take Herold’s predictions seriously.  Our economic situation is inevitably going to change and many people are going to be severely affected by it.  Herold puts it like this: “An experiment with true paper money that did not represent actual gold or silver money began only forty years ago.  The jury is still out on how long such paper currency backed up by only government promises will endure.” 

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