What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

by Pam on November 17, 2010

Although very few people ever do experience winning a big lottery jackpot, it is always interesting to see what people decide to do with their winnings. It is extremely interesting when people give most of their winnings away.

A recent Yahoo! Article talks about a special couple from a small town in Nova Scotia who generously gave away all but about 2% of their $11.2 million winnings.  Their names are Allen and Violet Large and I think their last name truly depicts their personality.  They certainly are large in the spirit of generosity.

They gave some of their winnings to their 15 family members and the rest went to various churches, hospitals, charities, etc.  How neat is that!

If you were to win a lottery, what do you think you would do with your winnings?  Would you be likely to spend it all quickly or would you give a lot of it away?  It is really hard to say until it happens I suppose.

For the Larges, they were used to working hard, and they had already saved enough to fund their retirement through a disciplined savings plan while they were working, so they didn’t really feel the need to keep much of their winnings.  They seem to be very down to earth people and they wanted to make sure they stayed that way.  Good for them.

Unfortunately money can do funny things to people and can cause a lot of problems. It appears that the Larges wanted to continue to live a simple and normal lifestyle and didn’t want the extra complications that come with having a lot of money.

Although many of us probably wouldn’t have handled the situation in the same way, I think the Larges give us a great example of generosity and the importance of genuine hard work and a simple lifestyle.  They are content with their old house and vehicle, and you cannot put a price tag on contentment, that’s for sure.

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