Why Travel Medical Insurance Is Important

by Pam on June 24, 2011

Traveling is a wonderful experience.  It is always nice to see a different part of the world whether it is by car or boat or plane.  It is important, however, that you prepare properly for your trip by purchasing appropriate travel insurance.  First check to see if your employee benefits package contains the proper travel medical insurance.  Also, see if any other insurance you already pay for will provide you with coverage.  If not, then you need to read on.

During the past few years my husband and I have taken several road trips that have taken us to both Canadian coasts as well as down into the United States.  Until recently, however, we never even thought of buying travel medical insurance.  Thankfully nothing happened to us that would require the need for medical assistance, however, if it had, especially during our travels to the States, we would seriously have regretted overlooking the importance of travel medical insurance.

Since we want to continue taking road trips during vacations and time off from work, we decided to look into getting travel medical insurance for our next road trip.  There are all sorts of companies out there that offer travel medical insurance worldwide.  You can buy single trip insurance or you can buy annual insurance whereby you can take as many trips as you want within the one year period as long as the trips are within a specified length of time.

For example, if you are planning on taking several shorter trips throughout the next twelve months, you are better off buying annual insurance that allows you be away for 30 days at a time .  You can also purchase insurance for one single short trip or one single long trip.  Prices vary depending on your age, your destination, and the length of your trip.   Most insurance companies are very flexible, so you can often buy the insurance to suit your exact needs.  There is no use buying more insurance than you need.

Don’t be afraid to shop around and compare prices, and make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the insurance you are buying.  Use online resources to compare the major companies for you.  From my experience, it seems that the contact centre representatives are much more knowledgeable than the brokers you can see face to face.  Make use of the toll free numbers and write down a list of questions you want answered.

So the next time you plan to take a trip outside your home province, check into the various travel medical insurance options.  The last thing you need is to end up bankrupt because of a medical mishap that occurs while you are on vacation.

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Dino@business travel companies June 29, 2011 at 11:07 pm

It is important to have your medical insurance especially when you traveling because you’ll never know what will hit you. For someone who’s healthy, it is at least for you safety.

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