Why We Like To Buy Used Stuff

by Pam on May 27, 2011

My husband and I are highly in favor of buying used instead of new whenever possible.  This goes for anything from kitchen stuff to furniture to books, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  We like to buy used items for a few reasons.  First, it saves us a lot of money.  Someone else already paid full price for it and all the taxes, so we benefit from the lower cost without the tax.  Second, we don’t have as much attachment to it so if we decided to pack up and move, we wouldn’t think twice about reselling it or giving it away.

The minute we buy something new, we have not only paid the full price for it and had to pay a substantial amount of tax, we also are more reluctant to give that item up because we know we won’t get our money’s worth for it if we do.

As we are not the type to just stay put in a place for any significant length of time, it is better for our lifestyle to buy used.  However, many people like to live in the same house for a very long period of time, and if this is the case, it sometimes does make more sense to buy things new and use them for a long time to make it worthwhile.

Because we are recently moving to a different city, we have decided to give away or sell most of our belongings and then start almost from scratch in our new location.   It just made more sense for us and we are prepared to buy almost everything used when we do settle down.  We expect that we will be able to buy almost everything we need in thrift stores or at garage sales.  It’s obvious that we are definitely not the only ones who like to buy used items.  We were able to sell a lot of our used stuff while preparing for our move.  This worked out great as it gave us a little extra cash as well as reduced how much we needed to pack and bring along with us.



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Mike Miller June 5, 2011 at 10:55 pm

Pam (& Ray):

We met at the campground last week, and you “followed us to the visitor canter”.

We buy at thrift stores and garage storesd. Many thrift stores accept donations, and the $ they raise go to charities or the needy.

We are selective about what we buy, and it’s useful to note the wear on the item – for example, to assess how well the item wears. It doesn’t have to look perfect, but functional.

Carol & Mike

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