Worried About Digital Signage Cost? Go Green And Enjoy The Best Of Both Worlds

by Guest on November 25, 2014

digital advertisingThe world is at a crossroad regarding the issue of environmental conservation. For the last 150 years, the business world has rapidly depleted the environment without considering the future. Well, it seems like the past has caught up with modern business community.

A Small Contribution through Digital Signage

The effects of environmental degradation including climate change are killing businesses. As such, it is the high time as a business owner you started making your small contribution by using digital signage. It might seem like a farfetched idea but when you look at the practical sense, everything falls into place.

To appreciate the impact of traditional print signage as opposed to modern digital signage, consider the following factors:

Durability: Modern LED signage manufacturers are leveraging on durability when creating EMCs. As such, you have less wastage of these signs and this translates to less dumping in landfills. This might be a small step but at the end of the day, it helps avoid further environmental degradation.

No tree cutting: Print messages use a lot of paper and this in turn leads to deforestation. The fact that most of the paper manufacturers do not take proactive measures to ensure planting of more trees makes the situation even graver. Your digital signage helps avoid creating a desert and ruining your business eventually.

Economic sense: Digital signage cost less because you create content and publish it using the same players, extenders and display. In essence, you have money left to incorporate green business practices, which will not only lead to cost-savings in the long run but also a cleaner environment.

Lower carbon footprint: The U.S. Department of Energy reckons that digital signage helps reduce carbon footprint, which again leads to less emission taxes for your business. More importantly, you will have contributed to reduction of dangerous carbon emissions, blamed for global warming among other ills.

Device control for lower emissions: The fact that you can remotely control your digital signage makes it easy for you to turn them off when they are not in use. The National Resources Defense Council argues that you can cut carbon footprint by 27,000 pounds of carbon dioxide annually by simply turning displays off.

Energy efficiency: LEDs used today have greatly enhanced energy efficiency. Technology has found use in reducing energy demands in these signs. This is by incorporating features such as automatic dim-down at sundown, omission of heaters and air conditioners among other innovations.

A win-win Situation

Basically, digital signage enables you to pass across hundreds of messages at the same time and to a larger audience. This as opposed to print messages means you use less natural resources to communicate. You will thus save money and make a great impact in saving the environment.

Now that you appreciate green considerations of digital signage, ensure you use energy-efficient certified appliances. This will help in reducing emissions while also enhancing energy efficiency in your business.

Going green is not a fad but a business practice that makes a lot of economic and environmental sense.

About The Author

Tim Huskey is a 16-year veteran of the energy efficiency industry. As an advocate of green living, he has written multiple publications on digital signage cost and its impact on the environment. He has traveled across the globe talking about the role of technology in conservation.

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