Save Money When Doing Laundry

by Pam on March 6, 2009

 You're never too young to start doing laundry!Here are some penny-saving tips to consider when doing your laundry:

1. Only wash full loads – There is no need to waste water and energy to do a partial load.

2.  If you are a homeowner, put up a small clothesline in your backyard and hang your clothes out to dry in the sun.  Not only are you saving energy, you can’t beat the fresh smell on your clothes even from using scented fabric softener sheets.  You can also hang clothes to dry year round in your basement.

3.  Wash your clothes in cold water.

4. When it comes to detergent the store brand ones work just as good as the name brands and they are a lot less money.  If you are tired of spending money on laundry detergent and enjoy trying new things, you can find a lot of homemade laundry detergent recipes online.  I have never tried them but there’s a first time for everything!

5.  Also, you can use Dawn dish soap instead of the more expensive stain removers.

6. If you use fabric softener, try using white vinegar instead.  All you need is half a cup.  If you prefer fabric softener sheets, use half a sheet rather than the whole thing.  They’ll last twice as long and provide the same result.

7.  To keep your clothes dryer running efficiently make sure to clean out the lint trap after every load.   

It’s amazing how you can even save money doing a task as mundane as laundry!

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