15 Ways to Conserve Water & Save Money

by Pam on July 21, 2009

conserve water and save moneyThere are a lot of ways that we can consciously conserve water around our home and yard.  As a result, we will be paying less for our water bills as well as reducing the amount of water we waste.  Overtime, these behaviors can have a significant positive impact on our environment and our pocketbook.

1.  Take a shower instead of a bath.  A 5-minute shower uses 30 to 40 gallons of water.

2.  Turn off the water while brushing your teeth and shaving.

3.  Collect rainwater to use to water your lawn and garden.

4.  Use a water amplifying shower head so you use less water while taking a shower.

5.  Install a water efficient toilet.  (Flushing comprises about 35% of a household’s total water consumption, so your toilet’s efficiency has a significant impact on your water usage.)

6.  Only run the dishwasher and the clothes washing machine when you have a full load.  When doing laundry, if you do have a smaller load, be sure to change the settings to use less water.

7.  Fix the leaky faucets around your home.  Although one small drop is insignificant, if left unfixed, you will waste 10 gallons of water everyday.

8.  Don’t flush facial tissue or other trash in the toilet as it causes the toilet to use a lot more water, sometimes up to 7 gallons.  Flush only when necessary. Trash can go into the waste basket.

9.  Keep a jug of cold water in the fridge for drinking so you don’t waste water by waiting for the tap water to get cold.

10.  Water your lawn only when it really needs it, and water it in the coolest part of the day, preferably in the morning, to prevent evaporation. Avoid watering when it is windy as most of the water will blow away or evaporate.

11.  Check for water pipe leaks by reading your water meter.  Don’t use any water around the house for 2 hours, then check your water meter again.  If you notice a change in the readings, you have a leak somewhere in your home.

12.  Insulate your water pipes so your water will heat up faster.  It will save you from wasting water while waiting for water to heat up when taking a bath or shower.

13.  You can determine if you have a toilet tank leak by putting a drop of food coloring in the tank. After 30 minutes if you see any coloring in the water, you know you have a leak.  Repair any rusted out or broken parts.  They can be purchased at any home hardware store.

14.  Avoid using garbage disposals.  They waste a lot of water!  Try making your own compost instead.

15.  Defrost your food in the fridge overnight rather than running water over it to thaw it.

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