3 Great Ways To Get Cheaper Car Insurance

by Pam on August 30, 2013

ways to save on car insuranceAre you ready to learn how you can get cheaper car insurance? The majority of people hate paying for their car insurance policy because they know that they will probably never use it. Although you might not use it, it is a good policy to have just in case something terrible does happen.

Now, I am not going to tell you that you need to do any of the things listed below, as I don’t know your current situation, however, I will tell you that they are great ways to save money. That being said let’s dive right into them and see just how much money we can save you today.

Ways To Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Ask For A Discount – Did you know that some insurance agents are able to give you a discount but they won’t until you ask for it? It is because of this that I recommend that you call or go into the insurance agent’s office and ask for a discount. There won’t always be a discount available to you but if there is, then you can get it and that alone could save you a decent amount each month.

Lower Your Insurance Amount –By lowering your insurance amount you won’t get as much money back in the event that your car is totaled, however, do you anticipate your car ever being totaled? This is why I suggest lowering your car insurance amount to something that is more affordable but still covers the majority of your car’s value. I know this sounds a little weird and that it might not work but you are in control of how much insurance you get, so make sure it is the amount in which you choose.

Increase The Deductible – Yes, increasing your deductible is a great way to lower your car insurance premiums. Most people think that the lower deductible is better and it is, however, it also costs more than most people are willing to pay. It is because of this that you should increase your deductible just a little bit in order to get a cheaper premium for the time being.

These are the three best ways to get cheaper car insurance. What you need to understand is that doing all three of these things is not unheard of and when this is done you can save as much as half of what you spend each month on car insurance.

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