Accomplish Your Financial Goals

by Guest on December 17, 2009

accomplish your financial goalsWhen setting financial goals, the goals you set must be realistic. Don’t set goals that will overextend you financially or put a hardship on you or your family.

You will find that some of your goals are long-range, such as purchasing a home, and some are short-range, such as establishing good credit. Is your goal to be debt free? Do you desire to invest in your retirement? Would you like to qualify for a low interest rate credit card? You need to evaluate what you want to accomplish financially and set a plan of action. The following steps will help you achieve your financial goals:

Step 1: Write out your goal. This makes a commitment.

Step 2: Visualize your goal. Cut out a picture of what you want to accomplish. It may be a house, a car, a dream vacation or a needed appliance. Whatever it is, cut a picture out of a magazine and put the picture in a place that you can see it for reinforcement.

Step 3: Set a time frame to accomplish the goal. Remember with establishing credit, it can take several months to get approvals. Be realistic on setting dates.

Step 4: Write out your plan of action.

Step 5: Remove the excuses you have for not following through with your goal. Get rid of these phrases, “I’m too busy,” “I don’t have time,” “I’ll do it later.”

Step 6: Anticipate any situation that may arise that will cause you not to accomplish your goal. If you know of anything in your credit portfolio that could cause you a problem, find a way to correct it.

Step 7: Define your motives. Are your intentions to build a credit portfolio for the future, or for only material gain? This must be determined before you send out your first application. If the motive is only for material gain, DON’T DO IT!

Step 8: Look at all your past experiences. Learn from them.

Step 9: Believe you can accomplish what you start out to do.

Step 10: Do first things first. Do not dwell on what you need to do. Just do it! Follow through with your plan of action.

Remember, your goals will change throughout your life. As you accomplish financial goals, set new ones. Careful planning will not only help you accomplish your goals, it will also give you the boost toward building a successful credit and financial portfolio.

About the Author

Deborah McNaughton is an author and credit expert. She is founder of Financial Victory Institute, which specializes in financial education. Deborah has programs to train individuals to become credit consultants and teach financial seminars.

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