Are You A Victim Of The Golden Handcuffs?

by Pam on August 13, 2010

After talking to a lot of people about their life goals and dreams, it has become obvious to me that most people are chained to their current jobs due to the benefits and salary.  They have lots of other things that they would like to pursue and do, yet they feel that they must continue to work at a job that pays well and possibly has a pension plan.  I refer to this type of lifestyle as the golden handcuff syndrome.  From conversations I have had with various people recently, I have heard many people say that they would do a different job if they could find one that paid them as well as their current job.  Others have said if money wasn’t an issue, they would feel free to pursue their other life goals, but due to their need for a salary, they don’t have the freedom to do the things they love.

It’s clear that many of us are doing what we’ve always been taught to do: work, earn money, pay the bills, and be responsible.  I guess I hope that there is something more out there than just paying the bills.

Some folks are really blessed in that they thoroughly enjoy their current job and find it meaningful and fulfilling.  The majority of folks though, seem to be just chained to the golden handcuffs, afraid that if they let go they just wouldn’t have enough money to survive.

I want to challenge everyone reading this to really take a hard look at your current lifestyle.  Are you doing the things that you want to do in your life?  If money were not an issue, what would you be doing right now?

My husband and I both know there is so much more to life than just working to earn an income.  Although right now we are working full time jobs that are not always really fulfilling, we are excited about breaking free of the golden handcuffs in the near future.  Although if we stayed tied to our jobs we would be comfortable financially, we would also be forfeiting life experiences that would make us richer in a far deeper way.

There’s nothing wrong with earning a good salary, and heck, if you enjoy your job, then there’s no need to make any changes.   But for those who feel chained to their jobs mainly due to the benefits received, it’s time to make some serious life changes.  There are many success stories out there.  A friend of ours took a leap of faith and quit his well paying job and started up his own business.  It took a lot of guts and he had to forfeit a steady paycheck and a lucrative pension plan, nevertheless his business has so far been successful and is continuing to expand.  He broke free from the grips of the golden handcuffs, and so can you!

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