Bundle Your Services And Save

by Pam on June 27, 2011

If you want phone, cable TV and Internet, you may find it is cheaper to subscribe to all three services using just one company.  By “bundling” your services, companies often offer deep discounts, at least for the first year or so.  Companies will do whatever they can to earn your business, and they would love to be your sole telecom provider, so compare the various providers in your area to find the best deal.  Then, if you have currently signed up with more than one provider, consider switching all of your products to the company that can give you the best price.

By bundling your services you may be able to get all three services for $100 or less, however, make sure you only pay for what you really want to use.  If you seldom watch TV and think paying for cable would be a waste, compare the cost of just Internet and phone services.  If it ends up being more expensive because you are not bundling, then you might as well go for the cable TV as well.  There may be a day when you may still watch TV, and if you are getting it practically for nothing anyway, then why not go for it?

Before switching to a different provider, ask your current provider if they are willing to give you discounts in order to retain your business.  If they are unable to do so, then don’t hesitate to switch to the provider offering the best bang for your buck.  Sure, it might be a bit of a hassle to switch companies, but in the end, if it means more of your hard earned money stays in your pocket, then maybe it’s worth a little inconvenience.

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