Cheap Ways Students Can Store Their Stuff

by Pam on April 26, 2013

cheap student storage ideasMany students are not able to live with their parents while attending college for a variety of reasons.  So, they often are left with the dilemma of how and where they should store their stuff once the school year is over.  Below are just a few ideas that will help make student storage a little easier and more affordable.

Ask around.  If you have a friend or family member living in the same city as you, ask them if they have some room in their basement or a spare bedroom that you can use to store your stuff until the school year begins again.  Many people won’t expect payment for this, but still make sure to offer.

Check the local newspaper.  Some people will put an ad in the paper to let others know they have storage space in their homes or offices that is available for rent.  If you do see an ad, don’t be afraid to negotiate with the seller regarding their price.  Most people are quite flexible and willing to accept a lower amount than they asked for.

Check with your university or college.  Many schools offer some sort of storage facility.  Find out how much they charge and compare it with the local storage companies in your area.  It would definitely be simpler to take advantage of your school’s storage, but make sure it’s not overpriced.

Research local storage companies.   Check out the local storage companies in your area.  Find out if they offer student discounts.  Also, if you decide to use a storage company, make sure you only get what you need, nothing larger.  The smaller unit you rent, the cheaper it will be, so get creative with your packing and only keep what you need.

Storing your stuff shouldn’t be expensive.  Be mindful throughout the year of what you buy so that you don’t end up with way too much stuff at the end of the school year.  The less stuff you have, the easier and the cheaper  it will be for you to store it.

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