Fighting Against The Last Taboo

by Guest on October 26, 2014

25 money strategiesAlmost a century ago Sigmund Freud named two universal taboos, but it seems we have overcome just one of them – the fear to talk about SEX, but why it is still that hard for many of us to talk about MONEY freely? Mainly because money embodies our deepest feelings. Money is like a mirror to our credo, hopes, dreams and fears.

The vast majority believes that they are put in a tight corner simply because they don’t earn enough money, but actually it is other way round – you need to learn about money and start saving money first. This is the first step in order to improve your relationship with money and eventually overcome the fear to talk about it. Savings at the beginning don’t have to be big – they just have to be.

Put your energy into accumulating your wealth by saving money while you’re young and developing the crucial skills called: earning, saving and spending. And to accomplish this task “25 Money Strategies Your Teacher Forgot to Tell You About” is a great eBook to start with. The eBook presents to the reader 25 simple but effective and ready to use money saving tips and tricks, while guiding you through various stages of your life.

The reason you might be here is that you are currently on a search of a trustworthy source which could help you succeed, especially in financial matters. But don’t take my words for granted. Here is what other personal finance bloggers have to say about this eBook:

Saving Without a Budget (#79 from TOP frugality blogs on Wisebread)
“Richard’s self-proclaimed drive to understand and master wealth and prosperity shows up in several places within this book, and leaves us wanting more.”

One Frugal Girl (#114 from TOP frugality blogs on Wisebread)
“All in all I enjoyed reading this book. The advice is rather straight forward and to the point. It focuses on saving money on the big things in life, not just the $5 lattes.”

Family Money Values (#117 from TOP frugality blogs on Wisebread)
“Richard presents his readers with multiple different ways to approach the start of wealth building. With each, he explains not only what the tip or trick is, but also why it worked for him.”

Money Smart Students (#189 from TOP frugality blogs on Wisebread)
“Truthfully – I like any money book which gets young people thinking about how they spend their money and what they can do to spend less and save more.”

Find out more about the eBook by visiting its official website:

About The Author

Richard Pan is a Latvia born young man in his mid-twenties. He is an avid reader and as from 2009 an even more avid writer. He is a financial blogger starting the first long lasting independent personal finance blog in Latvia and an author of three books on personal finance and investing.

Currently he holds a Master’s degree in Education and a qualification of a Career Counselor. His vision is that most of the world’s population is able to successfully deal with their own finances – the important part of your life you don’t get taught at school.

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