How To Get A Raise At Work – 3 Tactics That Work

by Pam on June 7, 2013

how to ask for a raise at workDo you feel that you are underpaid at work? Do you wish there was a way that you could make more money right now? Well, you can and I know just how you can do that. The trick to getting a raise at work is just to be confident and know how valuable you are to the company. Most employees have no idea how much they are worth to their respective company and that is why they never ask for a raise.

Before you do anything you should figure out what you will ask for. Don’t just walk into your employer’s office and demand a raise because sometimes they will ask you what you think you deserve. Now, you don’t want to go into this meeting without any proof that you should get a certain amount. Trust me; having a little bit of ammunition to fall back on will be what gets you the raise you deserve.

3 Tactics To Get A Raise

Demand A Raise – By demanding a raise instead of asking for one you will sound more certain that you deserve one. Also, don’t make the demand sound like a question. Too many people do this and it shows a weakness in your proposition.

Use Statistics – Do you know which statistic is the best one to tell your employer? Tell your employer about what the average person doing your job makes. Sometimes this statistic alone is more than enough to get you a raise. Also, talk about how you know that other people working at the same company are making more than you even though you do just as much or more than them. If this is the route that you take, then make sure you know the facts. Lastly, never share a statistic that you pulled off the internet as some of them are not accurate.

Don’t Back Down – If you deserve a raise, then there should be no reason why you need to back down. A lot of people think that once the meeting gets a little awkward that they should retreat from their position and that is one thing you don’t want to do. By doing this you will show your employer that you might not deserve the raise as much as you think.

As you can see, getting a raise is possible as long as you do it right. It takes some courage, but it is well worth your effort.


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