How To Lower Your Home Heating Expenses

by Pam on December 14, 2016

Are your heating expenses skyrocketing? Do you feel like you’re spending too much on heating in your homes? When you stay in a place that is characterized by regular cold climates, you tend to spend more on your home heating. For cold climates and weather, home heating becomes highly imperative. You can go to any length to make sure that your home heating is centralized and you get to spend more money too. However, here are some best practices to reduce your home heating expenses.


It is highly important that you begin to take maintenance into consideration. Regular maintenance of your heating systems make them last longer, thus you won’t have to spend more on repairs. You need to maintain the furnace system, replace worn weather-stripping, and do general and regular servicing of all the heating units. The weather-stripping around doors and windows can get worn-out and torn and allow cold air to come in. Most of the time, the biggest loss of heat in homes come from windows and doors, and this then makes the home occupants turn up the furnace system in order to make them warm.

Invest in good HVAC systems

You can invest in good central heating systems once and for all, rather than spend so much to repair and maintain your old heating systems. You can get a central gas heating system to heat your whole house or get heat pumps to offer affordable heating. According to National Air Warehouse, “Heat pumps allow thermal energy to move against its impulsive flow direction by applying heat absorption within a cold space and then continue the movement to a warmer space.” Therefore, investing in a good HVAC system can help you reduce your home heating bills.

Promote better airflow in your home

To reduce your heating expenses, you need to be able to trap the right temperature inside your home. You need to know how to do this naturally too. You need to know how to rely on the sun to help alleviate your heating expenses. Learn to open curtains and drapes, so that the heat from the sun can come in.  Open the curtains facing south during the winter, so that free heat can come in, then, close the curtain after sundown to keep the heat inside.

Get affectionate with warm accessories

To save costs, this is the time to fall in love with your duvet, winter sweaters, and warm socks. You should have warm blankets around, even on couches, so that it doesn’t take extra effort to get warm. You could also add an extra rug so that the floors can be insulated. Clothes help you save a whole lot and they can be used over and over again.

Make good use of your ceiling fans

Do you know that your ceiling fan could be strategically used to help you reduce the cost of your heating? Let’s look at it this way. The counterclockwise rotation will push hot air up during summer, but, a clockwise rotation will help keep the heat inside the room warmer, especially when it is cold. If you know this, you could use it to push heat down the room. Use your ceiling fan to strategically achieve better airflow.

Adjust your thermostat

At nights, try to sleep with warm clothes on. Wrap yourself in a comfy duvet and try to turn down the thermostat for a few hours while you sleep. This way, you can reduce the money you spend on heating.

Heat Where You Need

This is a very important trick in reducing the amount you spend on heating expenses. Make sure that you only heat the rooms where you stay. There is no sense heating every room in the house when you might not likely be in that room longer than a few minutes or hours at best. If there are rooms that you don’t use at all, try to seal off the vents in those rooms, so that the flow of heat will be directed to the rooms that you use.

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