How To Plan For A Comfortable Retirement

by Pam on May 28, 2015

want a comfortable retirementThe earlier in your life that you start planning your retirement, the more comfortable it will be. Nobody wants to slave away for forty-odd years and not get to enjoy doing your own thing, after all. But to cast away the worry and doubt, you need to be financially secure. So let’s take a look at some of your best options on how to secure your future.

The more you save, the better life will be

The thing to understand about saving for retirement is that you aren’t putting money away for a rainy day. You are putting it away for a couple of decades or so. So, it’s best to consider your retirement seriously from the off because it will take time to build up a decent amount to live off.

Company pension plans

The key financial product you want to learn about is your pension. You can get a pension from your employer, and many jobs will highlight this as a benefit. It’s something to think about whenever you are looking for a new job. The best work-based pensions you can get are when you make a contribution, and your employer matches – or in some cases – exceeds it. That way you don’t even notice the money coming out of your monthly wage packet, and you are doubling your savings each month.

Private pensions

It’s also wise to have a private pension alongside your company retirement fund. This will help you get a better spread of savings and give your final pension pot a boost. One thing to watch out for is using your fund as a savings account. It is never good value to dip in and out of your pension to pay for the inevitable surprise payment. It’s best to have a dedicated savings account to use for those rainy days.

Wise investments

You should also invest in other products besides your pension. Bonds, currencies, and stocks are all worthwhile to look into, and will add an extra string to the bow of your retirement. The best way to treat investment is to play the long-term game. But, because you have one eye on your senior years, this shouldn’t be a problem. Some of the safest investments you can make are in stocks in big companies like Coca Cola or commodities such as gold. It is a limited resource, and unless tastes change from what they have been for thousands of years, will continue to be popular.

Get help

Always get professional advice whenever you are dealing with finances. There is too much to learn, and the risks are too high to rely on a little bit of reading. Let’s take gold as an example again: unless you are buying from a merchant and keeping it under your floorboards, you are going to need help. You can do this in two ways. Firstly, hire a trader or broker. Secondly, as you become more experienced, you can do it yourself. Once you feel confident, look to services like ACM Gold Trading. They provide software to traders of all descriptions – including beginners. And this type of software will help you get started with trading in any commodities from the comfort of your home.

Has this has given you some inspiration to get saving? As we mentioned, the sooner the start, the more comfortable your retirement will be!

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