Money Saving Tips For Brand New Parents

by Pam on January 20, 2010

If you’re like me and have never yet had any children, you will likely be as surprised as I was at finding out just how expensive it really is to have kids.  I found this really interesting article on that talks about the first year of parenthood.  If you are thinking of taking that big step and having a baby in the near future, I would highly recommend checking out the article.

The article includes links to some helpful websites that can provide tips for saving money on baby items.  Suggestions such as using hand-me-downs instead of buying everything brand new could help with the financial side of things.  It also includes information on the Canada Child Tax Benefit and the Universal Child Care Benefit that will be important to know.  It’s important to understand all of the government benefits and tax credits you are entitled to when you are a parent.  Every little bit helps.

There is also a Baby Cost Calculator link that you will find helpful in determining just how much you should be saving now if you are planning on having a baby.  I was surprised to discover that new parents change about 75 diapers a week!  That’s a lot, and if you plan to use disposable diapers, that will be a huge expense to consider.  Perhaps cloth diapers are in order?  Although, who wants to have to clean 75 diapers every week!  Yikes!

Although it may seem mind boggling when you first look at the Baby Calculator, don’t be discouraged.   You can manage.  Just don’t be too proud to accept help and gently used baby items from others.  You don’t need a state of the art crib.  As long as it is safe and clean that is all that really matters.  Besides, your baby will never know whether the items are brand new or not, and as long as the baby feels loved it won’t care about anything else.

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