Pennysaver 100 Day Challenge Update 1

by Pam on March 25, 2010

Ten days down, 90 more days to go for the Pennysaverblog 100-Day Challenge.  So far it has been going well.  I have been managing to get at least 15 minutes of exercise everyday.  One day I cheated a little but I made up for it by going for a long walk the next day.  As I thought, taking the time out of my day to exercise has been my biggest challenge.  I know 15 minutes isn’t much, but for me it will take some time to realize that exercise really should be a priority.

So far I haven’t given into the temptation to buy anything frivolous, although I am finding it tough to keep the grocery bill down. No matter how much I try, I always seem to spend more than I expected when I grocery shop.  I will have to work harder on that.  We haven’t eaten out, though, and I haven’t let myself near any dollar stores lately.

To make some extra money, I did some proofreading for a university student, and we sold our foosball table and a computer gadget that we no longer used.  We really should have never bought the foosball table as we only used it a few times.  Oh well, live and learn.  I hope to also earn some extra money doing online surveys.  I have signed up for two already, but from my experience, if I depended on them for income I would starve to death.  So far I haven’t qualified to take any of their surveys.  Maybe I signed up for the wrong ones.

I haven’t spent any money on entertainment yet so I still have $100 available for the next 90 days.  As for saving half of what we earn, we are doing pretty well so far.  I will keep you updated.

I look forward to the next 90 days as this challenge has helped me to develop some healthy lifestyle habits and all the money I save during this challenge will be put to good use in the future as my husband and I plan to do some extensive traveling and then start a business.

I find it’s much easier to keep on with this challenge simply because I am writing it down, proclaiming it to anyone who cares to read about it.  It keeps me motivated.  Thanks for reading!

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