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by Guest on April 29, 2011

One of the biggest hurdles for any business venture can be the thorny subject of
office space. As well as being a substantial cost, finding the right location and size
of office can also be problematical.

However, internet technology is allowing business owners to cut their costs
thanks to the ability to carry out office space comparison in much the same way
as comparing deals on broadband or mobile phones.

It’s possible to undertake a search for available office space, specifying the
location, the amount of people that you need to find desk space for and also the
sort of price you’re looking to pay, all within the space of a few mouse clicks.

Why do it?

Locating office space in London, or indeed any other UK location, can be time
consuming and you’re not always sure if it’s going to be perfectly suited to your
needs. Going down the comparison search route allows a much more detailed set
of results to be returned to you and thereby cut time and financial outlay.

Starting at the entry level end of the market and business owners can find that
desk space rental is a cheap and hugely convenient way of running a venture.
It’s ideally suited to people who don’t want to work from home, need a ‘proper’
office set-up and are keen to watch their overheads.

A new way

Desk space rental usually offers a desk, naturally, along with basic utilities and
generally broadband internet access. Added to that, you’ll be able to select from
a wide variety of prime locations, either in inner city locations or on swanky new
business parks. This alone can help lend your business an air of refinement and
give it a respectable postcode too.

One of the biggest benefits about this form of desk space rental is that it can be
highly flexible, with short-term contracts, often on a month-by-month or rolling
basis allowing you much more freedom than being locked into a lengthy deal.
You can also add more space and extra desks in the same fashion too.

Bigger needs

If you’re looking to expand your office space requirements then also look out
for the other rental options using the same comparison format. Serviced offices
are a very popular office solution of anyone with a business that has a few
employees and needs to have additional services. These can include things such
as receptionists, post handling and a fully-fledged IT support team.

Again, going down the serviced office route can mean that you’ll have less
fuss and bother as regards contracts and costs while there is also the added
convenience of being able to rent out extra space as and when you need it.
Landlords are often glad to make their own dead space earn them some money
so as a result, both parties stand to benefit.

Other options found during the course of an office space rental comparison can
include being able to sublet working areas and also search for more traditional
office leases and workspace requirements. Ultimately, whatever office space
rental deal you’re after, the online comparison certainly makes the process a lot
more straightforward and a lot cheaper too.



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