Simple Tips On Saving Money

by Pam on October 11, 2016

Everyone wants to be able to save money. Whether you have a ton of cash or you are living paycheck to paycheck you might find that you could use some advice. Financial matters can be difficult but there are a few easy ways that you can hold onto the money that you have. Looking for the top 100+ money saving tips can be a great start. In order to help you along your way here are a few of the more common bits of advice that you can use to get yourself on the path to saving money.

Make Change

One of the best ways to begin the process of saving is by paying attention to money in all of its forms. Coins might not seem important, especially when you have a handful of pennies in your pocket, but change is exactly what you need to get started. Putting your change aside for a rainy day can be an amazing tactic to save a large sum of money over time. All you have to do is put aside a jar or box where you can keep all of your change.

Start collecting it right away and do not touch the change no matter what. After you have filled the jar you are going to want to find a machine that will turn your change into cash. Many banks offer this service for free so that can be an excellent spot to begin. Instead of spending the cash that you make from collecting your change, it might be a better idea to open up a savings account. This move will help you to put all of the change you have collected into a safe spot until you are in need of it.


One of the more common bits of advice you are bound to hear amongst the top 100+ money saving tips is budgeting. If you are not paying attention to your budget then you are probably going to wind up hitting many financial obstacles along your way. This is going to be the most difficult part of your saving experience but it will also produce the best results when you find the plan that works for your needs.

Keep track of your expenses. Include everything from the big expenses like rent or your mortgage and work your way down to the little things you spend money on like cups of coffee. Write down how much you spend in a month and see if it matches your income. You are probably going to notice that you are spending far more than you can afford to. Tracking your expenses with a budget will help you to make the right adjustments so that you can actually save money each month instead of blowing it on small purchases.

Start Today

There is no time like the present to begin saving money. If you really want to make a difference in your finances then you have to dedicate time to the process. Begin right away, write down all of your expenses, and start to see the patterns that you have developed in your spending to make necessary changes.

Save your change and keep track of your purchases and you will be on your way to saving. Look into additional top 100+ money saving tips to learn more exciting ways to keep your money with you where it belongs.

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