Tactical Travel Tips And Tricks To Keep You Safe And Secure

by Guest on April 19, 2017

On the road, it’s fairly easy to become a victim of either random misfortunes or hostile entities. The latter case is most common when traveling to sketchy places, but keep in mind that they can happen even in famous tourist spots. It may sound paranoid, but from the moment you step out your house, you are in constant potential danger. Thus, I’ve created this article on tactical travel tips and tricks for you to be able to enjoy your travel as much as possible.

Tactical Travel Tips and Tricks

  1. Pack smart

One of the most important parts in traveling is packing your gear and essentials. If you fail to pack one important gear or even one essential item, you may end up being unprepared and uncomfortable during your travel. Moreover, you may also be adding to unnecessary expenses when, say, you forget to bring a toothbrush.

But let’s talk about the whole point of this article which is tactical travel. First things first, you need a good tactical backpack to get all your gear organized. If you’re packing light, the definition entails you to pack minimal, but with all the essentials you need.

On the other hand, if you’re packing for a week-long trip, there are available tactical luggage that will allow you optimum organization and thief-proof convenience.

Furthermore, you may also want to pack discrete items that you can use as weapons. A good example of this is a best tactical pen, in case bringing a gun or knife is not possible on your travels.

  1. Always be alert

Every traveler should learn to always be alert and aware of his surroundings, most especially if you are traveling on your own. In a group, assurance of safety is much easier; nevertheless, the possible threat of danger is still a constant problem.

The solution? Always be alert. Keep an eye on your surroundings, especially your belongings. Keep an eye on your friends and family members, and be wary of strangers who approach you. These days unfortunately, you cannot trust anyone too easily, as some people target tourists who are unfamiliar with the area.

In addition to always being alert, you should also be discrete and avoid attracting attention to yourself. Do away with wearing flashy jewelry (or any jewelry at all for that matter), flaunting fancy gadgets, and talking loudly about your plans in public. The bottom line is: attract less attention to yourself and hostiles won’t target you or your group. The less you look like tourists, the better.

  1. Thief-proof your car

When traveling on the road, stopovers can be dangerous, too. For example, a thief may target your car when you’re parked at a restaurant or at a gas station. Worst case scenario, you can also come across someone worse than a simple thief.

Thus, it is necessary to take precautions when traveling by car. First of all, do not leave any valuables or anything interesting inside of the car. This includes phones, laptops, keys, money, and any other thing that can attract a thief. Secondly, always lock the doors and double-check it, even when you are inside the car. When you’re driving, also make sure that all doors are locked.

Parked cars are targets for carnappers, even when they have no valuables inside. To avoid this, park near the building or next to a security camera as much as possible.

  1. Be assertive and suspicious

If you feel that something’s off, call it out right away and get yourself out of that situation. Your instincts are your most important sense when it comes to traveling, especially if you’re traveling alone. So when you feel that something’s not right, you’re probably correct about the feeling.

You may be too embarrassed to say something right away, for your peers may peg you as paranoid or overly suspicious, but over time, you will learn how to distinguish people with bad agenda from the pool of strangers around you. When you’re part of a group during traveling, it’s important to also tell others about your observations. Chances are, your friends/family are too busy admiring the view to actually be aware of their surroundings.

Remember: always trust your instincts. Do not be afraid to be wrong, because your life may be on the line.

  1. Know what to do in emergency situations

As much as possible, we want to avoid emergency situations and we do everything we can to prevent them. However for situations that are really unavoidable, we need to be prepared for them.

So what can you do to prepare for an emergency situation? My number one tip is to bring a tactical flashlight with you at all times (almost all tactical travel tips and tricks articles recommend this), as this can help you navigate or possibly signal for help.

You should also take note of the emergency exits at the hotel you’re staying at, just in case of a fire or earthquake. If possible, keep all of your important stuff (like money, gadgets, and passports) in one bag, which can be ready to grab in case of an emergency.

Moreover, if you can carry a best tactical knife with you, it may be beneficial in case of emergencies. With a tactical knife, you can cut through rope, wire, or cloth which you can use for first aid or temporary shelter.

  1. Be selective of the places you visit

This is a given, but I still feel the need to remind you of this important tip. Do not go to sketchy places. At all. No matter how good the burritos are there or how cheap the liquor is. Absolutely stay out of bad neighborhoods and sketchy areas, or you may put yourself in imminent danger.

If you look like a foreigner and sound like a foreigner, you will probably be a target in poor areas where pickpockets and muggers are abundant. Thus, it’s imperative that you stay out areas like these for your own good. If you absolutely need to go there, bring a trusted local with you. Otherwise, stay out of there.

  1. Protect your valuables

When traveling, the number one problem is the placement of your valuables. This includes your laptop, cellphone, money, passports and documents, and medications among others.

When I travel, I carry a belt bag with me that can be concealed inside of my shirt. It can carry money, passports, and other important documents while staying secure inside my clothes. You can also try this tip so you won’t lose them even if you lose your bag.

For gadgets, it’s important to keep your phone with you at all times (in your pocket, most likely). Laptops should be kept in a backpack with a special compartment for laptops. Laptop bags are not recommended since they are obviously carrying laptops, which can be the target of thieves.

The bottom line: keep your valuables with you at all times. If you have to leave them at a hotel room, hide them well to avoid losses. But money and passports are most important and you should keep them on your body at all times.


Traveling can be dangerous, and it can be a hassle even if we do our best for it not to be. Thus, we need a few tactical travel tips and tricks to guide us through our journey. In this article, we’ve discussed some of the most important ones to keep in mind while traveling.

I hope you learned a lot from this article, and I truly hope you’ve retained all the important stuff on here. If you liked it, try leaving a comment below; we are happily accepting questions and suggestions! Don’t forget to share this with your friends as well. Thanks for reading!


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