Things To Avoid If You Want To Stay Out Of Debt

by Pam on September 22, 2015

quickest ways to get out of debtDebt is a terrible thing that can be a burden on your life. Many people fall into financial debt because they make bad decisions and do things they shouldn’t. When you’re in debt, it can be very hard to get out of it! Here are three things you should avoid, that can lead to debt:


Spending too much money is the biggest way people get into financial trouble. As a general rule, you should only spend what you have. In fact, you should spend less than what you have, so you’ve got money spare. People who spend all their money are the ones that end up in debt.

A common problem is people that have a credit card and think it means they can buy anything they want. They go crazy and charge everything to their credit card until they end up maxing it out. As a result, they can’t pay their credit card fee and end up falling into debt. Then, they have to look for ways to pay the fee, which could mean selling possessions like their car. All this trouble came from them overspending. So, make sure you have the willpower to stop yourself spending too much money.

Money Scams

There are so many different scams out there that are designed to take your money. Someone promises you something, and all it takes is your bank details or a small investment. It’s simple for someone to fall victim to a scam and find themselves in financial turmoil. These days, thanks to the internet, it’s even easier for someone to scam you. A common form of scam is through fake emails. People will send you emails claiming to be your bank and say there’s a problem with your money. They end up asking for your details so they can fix the problem, but really, they’re taking all your money.

Then you have things like timeshares, which people take advantage of. The timeshare business is legitimate, but a lot of companies will exploit it. They’ll lure you in with promises of money and profits. But, as Timeshare Cancellation Now found out, often you don’t get what you paid for. You get a property that costs too much to maintain and ends up being a burden on your finances. My advice would be to always check with others before you sign up to anything. If someone offers you something online or in person, don’t accept it without checking with your partner or financial advisor.

Quick Loans

Another thing you should avoid is quick loans, often called payday loans or short-term loans. These are loans that are designed to give you money in a short space of time. It’s meant to be for people that are struggling to pay bills and need some extra money just for this month.

But, the quick loans industry is very shady. The interest rates are astronomically high, and you could end up having to pay back triple what you borrowed. Getting a quick loan is a sure-fire way to get yourself into all sorts of financial bother.

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