Tips For Lowering Your Internet Bill

by Pam on September 28, 2011

Bundle Your Services – If you are being offered a great deal for phone, Internet, and cable TV, go for it.  Rather than paying for each service individually, it is often much cheaper to go for a bundle.

Buy your own cable modem – Many Internet service providers will charge you $3 to $5 per month to use their modem.  Why not buy your own and after a couple of years you will have saved money by doing so.

Review your Internet package at least every 6 months – Make sure you are only paying for what you need.  There’s no use in paying for the most expensive package if you don’t use your Internet very often.

Ask for a deal – If your promotion has already run its course, ask if your provider will give you another deal.  If not, check the competition, they are sure to want your business and switching could result in significant savings.

Word of mouth – Talk to others to see what they are using.  They may be able to give you some good tips on the deals they are getting.

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