Unique But Effective Marketing Ideas During The Holidays

by Sean on December 15, 2014

holiday marketing tipsWith the holiday season is in full swing you might as well take your marketing gimmicks several notches higher in order to lure more consumers. Make sure that in all this rush, you are not missing out on a string of unique marketing ideas that are easy on your pocket book and guarantee desired returns as well. Read on to learn more.

Business Greeting Cards

Sending out business holiday ecards is a time-honored tradition in the corporate world. For years, businesses have relied on these cards to connect with consumers on an emotional level. No amount of impressive holiday discounts can promise this (i.e. strengthening the emotional relations between you and your clients) for you! There lies the eternal uniqueness of this long drawn tradition. Besides personalizing your cards with custom messages and designs, make sure that you are mentioning your business offer at the back of the card. Include your company link and logo as well.

Get your uniqueness several notches higher by attaching a “Thank You” note to the card— signed by all your staff members! Make sure the message here is composed by you as well— no picking up stock messages from the internet!

Inform your consumers about the post sales clearance events

Make sure that you are integrating your post-holiday clearance sales in your holiday marketing strategies as well. Give your customers a reason to come back to you. Offer them post clearance sale coupons with their pre-holiday purchase. In this fashion you can even cover the early New Year sales, too.

Consider sending over happy mails to your consumers

Send over a little object like flip flops or a happy mug or a ball. Just put your label on the gift items and send it over. A string of unique ideas would be:

  • Touch screen gloves
  • Colorful puzzle with colorful label
  • Small pet gifts

Can you think about more unique happy mail ideas? If yes, then do not hesitate to send them to your clients. Make sure that you are backing your efforts with impressive packaging so as to maximize its impact. All the best for your endeavors!

Get people to purchase one thing at first

As per marketingzone.com, psychologists opine that an average shopper generally decides to buy one thing from a store at first, and then goes on to buy other things. According to Ravi Dhar (Yale School of Management), “Research has shown that just paying for something has some pain attached to it, even though you get something back in return. But after you’ve bought the first item, the second item doesn’t hurt as much.”

In Conclusion

There is still time to incorporate these ideas if you haven’t done it already! Be bold. Stand out!

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