Ways To Save Money On Your Car

by Pam on September 14, 2010

Having a car is already expensive enough due to maintenance costs and insurance, not to mention fuel.   The following tips will help you to save some money when it comes to your car.

1. Shop around for auto insurance if you live in a place that has more than one option.  Make sure you are getting the full protection you need from a reputable insurance company, and don’t be afraid to shop around every year to make sure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck.

2. Wash your car at home rather than paying the big bucks at a gas station car wash.

3. Do not buy a higher octane level gasoline than is required by your vehicle as you will be wasting your money.

4. Try to stay within the speed limit as you burn a lot more gasoline when you speed.

5. Always plan ahead instead of wasting trips.  Plan to run all your errands on a single trip rather than coming and going several times.

6. Carpool whenever possible, especially when commuting to work.

7. Remove excess weight from your vehicle to save on fuel. Only bring items that you are planning to use for any given trip and store the extras in your home or garage rather than just leaving them in your car.

8. Ask for directions if you are lost so that you do not waste fuel driving around trying to find out where you are .

9. Avoid idling your car for long periods of time as this is also a fuel waster.

10. Use cruise control on the highway to ensure that you stay consistent with your speed and save on fuel costs.

There are a million and one ways to save on fuel and maintenance costs for your vehicle.  Get into these habits and you will see significant savings.  Every little bit helps!

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