Ways To Save Money On Your Internet

by Guest on November 3, 2010

There are plenty of ways to get online these days, from landline-based broadband through to mobile options, including the latest generation of smartphone models that do everything a PC can do and often more.

When it comes to saving money on these products and services, it’s the internet that can help you find the best deals too, because by using a free comparison site like Broadband Genie you’ll be able to pick through the many and varied deals in an instant.

Internet service providers are falling over themselves to get you to sign on the dotted line for a home broadband deal. So, use the power of a comparison site to see which deals have the best incentives such as free routers, software and all manner of other goodies to make the package better value.

You’ll also find that as an added incentive, prices are often cheaper for the first few months of a deal, although bear in mind that they generally revert back to the standard pricing structure at a later date. A great way to save on traditional broadband services can also be to bundle other things, like telephone and TV into one more competitive package.

Going mobile

The same can be said for mobile broadband services, because the marketplace is such a competitive one that there are countless deals and offers on all the time. For example, a great way to get a new bit of kit and join the world of mobile broadband is to seek out free laptop deals that are common nowadays.

You’ll need to sign up for a contract, which is often around two years, and the overall price of the kit is essentially factored into the monthly charge over that time. Nevertheless, this is still a great way of spreading costs and when the deal comes to an end you still have the laptop, which you are allowed to keep.

There are always deals to be had on dongles too, which are the small plastic USB devices that allow your laptop or netbook to receive the mobile broadband signal. You can often get these for free or as part of a package, simply decide whether or not you want a pay-as-you-go or contract deal. Both can be good, but the PAYG option is handy for saving money as you only pay for the time you are connected.

Data usage

You can save more money by being sure to read the terms and conditions on any deal in relation to data usage. This refers to the amount of content that you can download (and upload) during a particular period of time. Heavy internet users are well advised to sign up for a package that gives them enough flexibility, as there can be financial and usage penalties if you exceed these limits.

Smartphone deals are plentiful too, but they can also be subject to the above- mentioned data usage limits. So again, it’s crucial to read the terms and conditions of any deal that you’re interested in. Mobile operators will often give you a free smartphone, however, as part of a contract package.

If you’re looking to save money, it may be wiser to buy a cheaper pay-as-you-go smartphone and then avoid the contract route. All you need to do is top up your SIM card as you need it and thereby avoid the need for a contract altogether.

About the author: Rob Clymo writes on behalf of www.broadbandgenie.co.uk, the independent comparison website for broadband, mobile broadband and smartphones.

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