mortgage brokerPurchasing a new home is a daunting task and if this is your first time buying a home, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. The mortgage industry can be hard to understand for a novice so it is important to work with a quality mortgage broker to fully understand just what you are getting in to. Most home loans will be set for 30 years so you must make sure you make the right decisions for your budget as well as long-term goals. When you work with a top-rated broker, you can feel secure in the fact that you are getting quality service and will have a proper mortgage for your new home. Below are a few tips to choosing the best broker for your needs. [click to read…]

personal finance tips for taxi driversBecoming self-employed is a very appealing concept, as you get to choose your own hours, your own rates and in a nut shell – be your own boss!

If you decide to cut the strings and go it alone, it’s worth considering that managing your own finances can prove very tough. Alongside this, you also have to take ownership of your tax and organize your own insurance.

Here at Insure Taxi, we recognize that it can be a big challenge juggling these things, therefore we have put together a list of top tips to help you manage your money.

Seek professional assistance

An accountant can help you get your finances in order and advise you on how much tax your are paying, ensuring that you pay the correct amount and do not end up owing money. If you decide to hire an accountant fully, they can manage all of your finances for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing!
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3 Quick Ways To Reduce Your Spending

by Guest on November 13, 2014

tips to reduce spendingWhen it comes to personal finances there is no shame in admitting that you could do with a little bit of extra money to help you get through the month. However, unless you have a money-making scheme hidden up your sleeve, the best short-term way of getting more cash is to simply spend less. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you have to turn off your heating or switch off the lights; it just means that you need to make sure you’re getting the best deals around. To help with this, there are three simple tips that you can follow.

  1. Write It Out

If you’re trying to cut your spending it is always worthwhile writing all of your outgoings down so that you know exactly where your money is going. As while you may think that you’re being frugal with your money, it is easy to underestimate exactly how much you’re spending on even the littlest of things. Many people, for instance, end up spending much more than they’d planned on unnecessary items such as magazines and newspapers. Another common unnecessary expense which you don’t always realise you’re incurring, is money spent on buying lunch or snacks when you’re out and about or at work. That is why you can only really start to make cutbacks in your outgoings once you’ve got a good understanding of where it is that your money is going. So whether you start to make lunch at home or just cut back on those little extras, you are sure to start saving money without even noticing the difference.

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fixing your credit scoreWhether you’re looking to buy a house, a car or even a smartphone, there are three things that you’re going to need to have: a solid job, a steady income and a good credit score. Yet unfortunately, while there are a lot of individuals who have the first two things, sometimes they are still not able to purchase what they desire due to the fact that their credit is less than impressive.

If you can relate to being in this kind of a situation and you’d like a few tips on things that you can do that will help you to improve your credit score within a matter of weeks, here are five tips that can get you to where you want to be, and soon.

Check your credit reports for errors. If you can’t remember the last time that you looked at your credit reports, it’s definitely been too long. So take the time out to go to a website like Annual Credit Report so that you can view them for free. As you’re in the process of reviewing the reports from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, look carefully for any errors. If you happen to see an account that you don’t recognize or a charge off that you don’t recall, contact the credit bureau that listed it in order to dispute the potential error. You can learn how to properly dispute errors on your credit reports by going to and put “disputing errors on credit reports” in the search field.
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save money - shop at SearsWith Sears being a part of our culture for so long, it is no wonder that even today, we find ourselves drawn to this company. Whatever we have needed in the past, you could be sure that you could find it at Sears. And with the advent of the sears promo code 20 off, you can enjoy incredible discounts that are available at their online stores and at their traditional bricks and mortar stores. This has added greatly to the shopping experience enjoyed at Sears. Making us of the Sears coupons is thus a great way to make purchases from their stores.

With a Sears coupon code you can get the benefit of access to a myriad of products at these great discounts, and you can enjoy making these purchases because of the ease of access provided by their online stores. It is as simple as using your Sears promo code, and you can then enjoy the overall shopping experience with the incredible Sears discounts on offer. With these savings on everything that you could possibly think of, shopping at Sears has continued to be a pleasure, and it will continue to be pleasurable for a while yet.
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last will and testamentUnfortunately, even with the existence of a will, a deceased person’s rightful beneficiaries may feel inadequately provided for, necessitating proceedings to contest or challenge the will. This means that challengers can make claims against the will for either of two reasons. There may be something amiss with the will itself or circumstances under which the will was written, or the will is perfectly legal and binding, but unfair in its distribution of assets.

In such cases, the validity of the will must be determined in a court of law. There are specific procedures to be followed pursuing such claims. As with many other civil proceedings, contesting a will can be lengthy and therefore expensive for both parties. How much the dispute is worth depends on the size of the estate in question.

There is no doubt about it – the process can be difficult and many times it can end up unsuccessful. This is especially true when challenging a legal will. When this happens, you will have to bear the cost of your own legal counsel and in some cases, the court may rule that you cover the other party’s legal costs as well.

Therefore, before you decide you have grounds on which to contest a will, you should seek legal counsel to help you decide whether there is compelling evidence before presenting your claim to a judge. This initial visit could greatly help you to save costs otherwise incurred in fighting a losing battle.
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tips on web designThe internet is the future of modern business if numbers are anything to go by. Well, the International Communications Union (ITU) projects there will be more than 2.5 billion internet users by end of this year.

A Forrester Research Report reckons that over 56% of all consumers are using the internet to either shop or get information. This makes it imperative for you to have an ecommerce site to capitalize on the power of these numbers.

Power of Web Design

However, your website cannot make a mark without investment in web design. Your website design is what gives first impressions and in fact, it is what determines maneuverability of the website. With a poor design, your business will crumble before it even starts.
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