forex trading tipsIndividuals who get into forex often make at least a few mistakes before the first day of trading is done. That’s to be expected. When you’re learning something new, you don’t have the benefit of experience. At the same time, you don’t want to burn through your trading capital making stupid mistakes every day. Here’s what you need to avoid to make sure your lessons are good ones.

Know When To Cut and Run

A lot of traders stay in a trade too long. This happens because they don’t set firm rules before they start trading. This is an uncomfortable thing for most people to get used to, but you absolutely need to write out the rules for your trades before you open up your trading software.

Things like profit and loss targets, stop losses, and entry points for the day should be some of the first things you define. Having a set of definitions like this makes it easy to trade because all you need to do is play your trading “by the book.” There’s no emotional response to a market correction or a temporary setback. Trading becomes objective instead of subjective.
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wireless card readerWireless billing systems are here to stay. Vendors like Shopify are now offering innovative but miniature credit card terminals. These terminals can be plugged into tablets or smartphones to process payments and they are turning out to be quite popular.

Unfortunately, retailers have yet to be convinced to invest in these systems, says Transfirst. They were already using traditional credit card readers to process payments. They had also paid a substantial amount of money to the vendor and the bank, and they were not willing to shift over to wireless terminals so suddenly. Moreover, the general idea was to wait and watch as technology usually changed quickly. Retailers thought that wireless systems would not be useful. There was also a chance these wireless POS system would not gain popularity with customers and it would be a useless investment.

This Perception Is Not True.

Wireless systems are the next step in POS evolution. According to Mobile-Financial, more than 40 percent of small business owners have already shifted over to miniaturized credit card readers. The reasoning for this was simple. Small business owners could not afford traditional POS systems. These systems cost anywhere from $10,000 to about $15,000 or more. They could not afford to pay the rental charges for traditional credit card readers as well. As a result, they usually turned away customers who proffered credit cards. This was particularly true for business owners who did not have brick-and-mortar stores. The newer tablet-based wireless POS systems could be operated through a smartphone or a tablet and they were very easy to use. Customers could collect payments from anywhere and they have now become an accepted method of collecting payments-on-the-go from customers.
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Fighting Against The Last Taboo

by Guest on October 26, 2014

25 money strategiesAlmost a century ago Sigmund Freud named two universal taboos, but it seems we have overcome just one of them – the fear to talk about SEX, but why it is still that hard for many of us to talk about MONEY freely? Mainly because money embodies our deepest feelings. Money is like a mirror to our credo, hopes, dreams and fears.

The vast majority believes that they are put in a tight corner simply because they don’t earn enough money, but actually it is other way round – you need to learn about money and start saving money first. This is the first step in order to improve your relationship with money and eventually overcome the fear to talk about it. Savings at the beginning don’t have to be big – they just have to be.

Put your energy into accumulating your wealth by saving money while you’re young and developing the crucial skills called: earning, saving and spending. And to accomplish this task “25 Money Strategies Your Teacher Forgot to Tell You About” is a great eBook to start with. The eBook presents to the reader 25 simple but effective and ready to use money saving tips and tricks, while guiding you through various stages of your life.

The reason you might be here is that you are currently on a search of a trustworthy source which could help you succeed, especially in financial matters. But don’t take my words for granted. Here is what other personal finance bloggers have to say about this eBook:
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ironing can save you moneyIt’s a problem that has plagued humans all throughout history. Yes, wrinkled clothes have annoyed countless humans. Nothing is more irritating than putting on that special shirt or blouse, only to find it is unwearable due to the many wrinkles it carries. That’s where the iron comes in. While it may have gone through much iteration, its core mission has stayed the same, to straighten out your clothes. Here’s how irons have developed as technology has changed, and just how much value they add to the home.

Traditional Irons

As you might imagine, traditional irons were quite rudimentary. The Chinese would fill pans with hot coals, and then press that over stretched cloth to get rid of wrinkles. Meanwhile, people in Europe would use stones, glass, and even wood to smooth out garments. The improvements have been small until recently.
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binary optionsIf you like to day trade and swing trade, then this could be a good way of organizing and indeed improving your trading results.

Short term day trades, typically lasting a few minutes or hours could benefit from being kept apart from your swing trades, which typically last for a few days. The various brokers offer binary bets that are suited to short term and longer term trades and it could be a good idea to use one broker for day trading and another for your swing trading.

Keeping Your Trades Apart

If you have short and medium term trades open at the same time in the same account they can cloud your judgement and affect your trading decisions. For instance if you have swing trades that are under water it may make you hesitant to take a day trade, even if it was well planned and fits with your strategy. Using one broker account for day trades and another for your longer term positions is a good way to keep them separate and keep your trading decisions clear and to plan.

Binary Options Brokers for Short Term Trades
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Tips To Save Money On Car Maintenance

by Guest on October 17, 2014

car repair tipsOwning a car is paramount to freedom as it lifts the transportation restrictions in your life. It is also a huge responsibility and financial drain if you do not look after your vehicle well. Proper maintenance of any machine not only improves its longevity, it also makes it more cost effective. The car maintenance tips here can save you many dollars over the years.

Read the Book

For most of us the owner’s manual is just a book that came with the car. Only a few people actually take the time to open the manual when the car arrives. The truth is, by simply knowing a bit more about the car we can take much better care of it. So read the book to understand the scheduled maintenance guide given by the manufacturing company.

Check the Fluids

Basic fluid levels of engine oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid, coolant, and the like need to be topped up occasionally. By doing this on a regular basis you will ensure that there is never an insufficient level of these fluids in the vehicle which may cause harm to the working of the machine. [click to read…]

entrepreneurEntrepreneurs are the type of individuals who are often at the forefront of innovation. They revolutionize the way customer service works, create new inventions, and market ideas that groups of people will ultimately use to make their lives better.

Their profession is not only unique, but it is also something that’s filled with excitement, challenge and adventure.

What is an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is an individual who works for themselves. They have forged forward with a unique path that allows them to be both their own boss and the star employee of their business. Every ounce of success that their company gains or failure that it endures ultimately falls upon the shoulders of the entrepreneur.

They are often required to have a wide array of skills, ranging from accounting to marketing and business management, which allows them to perform their unique duties on a daily basis. They need to excel in at least one field while having a basic understanding of how other aspects of their business performs in order to succeed.
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