you-need-a-financial-planSomeone much wiser than I once said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” They were right!

When asked, most people will tell you they have goals, but when you dig a little deeper you’ll find out that many people struggle to plan around achieving their goals. Some of us naturally have more discipline than others, but regardless, everyone can benefit from exercising his or her planning muscle.

The key to financial planning is having more awareness about your finances—you don’t need to be an expert. A simple way to get started is by taking inventory of all your financial assets—bank accounts, real estate, retirement and investment accounts. Then track down all the things that you owe, such as school loans, credit cards, mortgages and other debt. When you take everything you own and subtract everything you owe, you’ve essentially come up with your net worth.
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how-to-find-a-courier-for-your-businessWhatever your business, if you have an Etsy, eBay or Amazon shop, or whether you have a full eCommerce website, the chances are you will be sending a lot of parcels to a lot of places.

With a wealth of courier services on offer at all times, it can be difficult to decide who to go with. New services such as those entrusting parcels to members of the public are spring up every day, connecting people. However, the risks associated with this type of delivery are too great for business owners to seriously consider them.

We look at some key factors in helping you decide how to handle courier delivery in your company.
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ways-to-save-money-on-delivery-servicesBelieve it or not we are using postal services more than ever. One may have thought that in the age of all things digital, postal services may have started to encounter hard times – not so! We are still sending birthday cards and Christmas cards in the post, household bills and other types of correspondence are still posted in many cases, but the real reason we still use postal services so much is because of larger items – parcels!

Parcels are sent by postal services, in their millions, every single week of the year and while the likes of eBay users are, in part, responsible for some of this, it is businesses that use postal services the most by far.
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save-money-by-taking-courses-onlineAre you thinking about starting an online course soon? If so, there are millions of other people who are finding it much more convenient and affordable to study online. Below are five of the most important ways why taking an online course will save you money.

1. You Don’t Have to Travel to Lectures and Classes

Traditionally, you had to attend class-based lectures on a regular basis. This meant you had to either travel each day to and from your college or university, or you had to find accommodation close to the educational institution you were attending.

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Ways To Save Money When Travelling

by Guest on October 19, 2016

Traveling-with-kids-familyVacations must be the best part of your life. It’s a time when you stay away from the hectic schedule at your work place and just have a peaceful time. It is good to have some rest anyway; move away from the noisy streets with polluted air and have a good time with your family or friends. You also get to learn new things like polar bear facts.

When it comes to travelling, you will tend to look out for the best offers that are available. It could be such as packages where you get a discount for a certain number of people and what not. In as much as you will want to have a good time enjoying your travel experience, it is important that you pay attention to affordability as well.

You can learn a lot when travelling, and depending on your interests you may be able to learn a lot more about history, things like holocaust facts, for example, but traveling can be expensive so if you are on a tight budget, you can enjoy traveling for less as long as you follow some of the advice below.

Here are some of the ways you can save money when travelling:
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Ways To Save Money On Your Master’s Degree

by Guest on October 19, 2016

A lot of you may be dreaming about pursuing a master’s degree. There are plenty of opportunities to do so, especially now that the market is expanding and companies are looking for graduates to fill important positions. In fact, with the economy growing at its present rate, there is no better time to enroll in a course and start your journey towards getting a master’s degree than today.

If you think a master’s degree is expensive, this article is about to prove you wrong. There are actually a lot of ways to save money on your master’s degree. We’re going to take a look at some of them here.
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Traits To Look For When Hiring A Lawyer

by Guest on October 18, 2016

tips-for-hiring-a-lawyerLawyers play such a vital role in society today. If it were not for their knowledge of the law, you would probably not get to walk away free in the event that you may have been caught on the wrong side of the law.  You know that you cannot get through cases such as Criminal Defense in Texas on your own. You will need the help of someone who is well versed with the law; one who knows the law in and out. That way, you will be sure of getting the best representation. If you have ever been caught in one of those sticky situations, you must know that a good lawyer is what you need.

A good lawyer will help you to understand the kind of offense that you may have committed and then work with you to ensure that you get the best outcome possible. That is the beauty of having a lawyer. When it comes to hiring a lawyer though, you need to be careful. Fraudsters exist and you are one of their potential targets.

Do not hire just any lawyer in town, you need to ensure that you get the best of the best. Here are some of the things that you may need to look at when looking for a lawyer to hire:
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