Effectively Handling Your Personal Finance

by Guest on August 26, 2014

budgeting tipsFor many people the mention of personal finance is akin to some unsolvable puzzle that bothers them at odd times. The thought of sitting down and planning expenditure is scary, and the idea of pre-paying the credit card bill, an alien concept. Such people are sitting ducks for target practice when finances go awry. It is in your own best interest to learn how to handle your personal finance matters effectively. Here are some tips that you can use.

Be Aware of Income and Expenditures

In order to understand your finances you need to know what money is coming in and on what it is being spent. It is a good idea to sit down with a pen and paper and list just how much money you have access to each month. Include the money that comes from your salary, any interest you get on savings, and any other sources of income you may have. Even if it is an irregular source of income, make sure you record how much you earn from it. Similarly make a list of all the main expenditures you undertake monthly. The rent, utilities bills, school fees, groceries, and medical expenses; make sure you list everything. Specific annual payments such as insurance and taxes should also be included on the list. You can revisit the list at a later date when you remember some that you originally missed.
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how to save money when you instal new flooringMy husband and I are currently in the midst of getting new flooring installed in our home.  We bought a home which is around 30 years old and some of the carpets were still the original ones from when the home was first built.  Needless to say it was time for a change.

We decided to install vinyl flooring in our kitchen, laundry room and dining room.  We saved quite a bit of money by doing the majority of the prep work ourselves.  This involved pulling the two old layers of linoleum off of the subfloor and then scraping the remnants along with the adhesive off of the plywood subfloor.  This was not a pleasant experience, but we saved ourselves about $50 per hour by not paying someone else to do it.

When it came time to install the vinyl, we hired a local professional to take care of it.  We were very happy with the results and we are planning on hiring him again to do the rest of the upstairs.

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great deals on kids clothesNordstrom specializes  in a number of kid based and children friendly products. Every year, they have a Girl’s back to school and boy’s back to school selection of items.

Every month they have new monthly arrivals for outfits, and designer collections. Clients can browse by department and by brand.

Nordstrom has products for boys, girls, and babies and have their own selection of Baby gear and shoes as well as top designer collections.

The top featured brands from the company will include TOMS, The North Face, UGG Australia, Peek, Mini Boden, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Tucker+Talte, Tea Collection and Us Angels. Nordstrom was able to establish a good marketing relationship with these brands, and continue to sell them.

Other children friendly products that are being given by this online company will include baby gifts, as well as shoes, backpack and school supplies.

They also offer sleepwear, kid’s special occasion items, uniforms, sports fan gear, toys as well as swimwear.
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how to lower your costs for medical careIf there’s one thing that all of us need, especially now, it’s health insurance. However, being that this is still a time when unemployment rates are high and budgets are tight, it’s important to find the kind of medical care and health insurance that’s good but also very affordable.

If this is the dilemma that you currently find yourself in, you’ll be glad to know that there are actually several effective ways to save when it comes to your healthcare needs. If you’re interested in knowing what some of those ways are, please keep reading.

Shop around for the best coverage. By far, one of the best ways to get a good rate on health care insurance is to shop around. This will help you to see what each company has to offer. Do keep in mind that if you’re wiling to pay a higher deductible, you can end up paying a lower premium. This is good to know if you’re someone who is in good health and doesn’t see the doctor often (other than for your annual check-up).
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raising your credit score with your credit cardThose who know how to use their credit cards wisely are few and far between. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that most of us have had to learn the hard way that buying on credit can be a very dangerous proposition. If we’re lucky, we learned our lesson after racking up massive credit card debt and then having to pay it off. But some people carry debt for years, spending more on credit as soon as they pay a portion of it off, perpetuating their debt and damaging their credit score in the process. In short, they never learn. What many fail to realize is just how much of an impact credit cards can have on a person’s credit score. But when you understand the relationship between the two, you can find ways to use credit cards to raise and maintain a top tier credit score.

The journey to a good credit score begins with building credit. And this begins with taking on debt. Where people start to get into trouble is by thinking that credit is the same as cash. They trick themselves into thinking that the money on a card is money in the bank. Instead, think of every credit card swipe as a mini-loan. One of the best ways to get a handle on this situation is to take out a secured credit card.
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DIY with couponsWho doesn’t love a little DIY project? Doing a little work around the house has always been a popular pastime, but with the rise of the internet and reality shows, it’s just taken off! So what could make this popular pastime even better?


When it comes to the world of online shopping and DIY, nothing greases the wheels quite like some great coupon and promo codes from ChameleonJohn.

Here are five reasons that home improvement and home improvement coupons are the latest breakthrough in DIY home improvement.

TV GLORY: If you grew up in or were otherwise in tune with pop culture in the 1990s, then you know Home Improvement and Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor’s DIY exploits like the back of your hand. (And the more pop culture savvy among us might also observe that, as Al taught us, plaid really is the “color” of the true DIY handyman!) Everything from DVDs of this 90s classic to the tools you need to be your own Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor are made more accessible and less expensive through the miracle of online coupon promo codes.  What’s more, real Tim Taylors have popped up all over the DIY and reality show landscape in the last decade. HGTV is an especially popular haven for such figures, in shows from everything from Love it Or List It to House Hunters, and then there are perennial favorites outside that channel as well. The bottom line? Simply put, DIY is all over the Internet and media landscape right now, and it’s a phase that looks like more than a fad, and one that you can follow and conquer as well. As such, getting in on the action with some promo codes can help you become the next Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor (except, you know, actually competent.)
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favorite automobileYou may be thinking of buying an eco-friendly automobile in a bid to do your share for saving the environment. There are choices currently in the market and they are namely electric and hybrid autos. These vehicles are also likely to become even more popular in next few years of time as the fuel prices are rocketing to another level.

As operating oil based vehicles are going to be expensive, these electrical cars can prove to be a vital option for all. This can also help in preserving limited supply of fuels. Witnessing some of the on-going tensions associated with oil producing states is another worry for companies and governments. These problems impact on availability and result in higher price ranges.

A better option for many

It is not only the costs, but desire to live clean and save environment increase demand for eco-friendly cars. Growing numbers of environmentalists warn us of dangers the earth is facing if we keep on living the way we do. Their main aim is to protect the planet from any further damage associated with fossil fuels and also the emission of related carbon gases.
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