5 Signs That You Have A Debt Problem

by Guest on May 20, 2016

do you have a debt problemWe live in an instant gratification society. Our forebears would have saved up to buy the things they wanted, but today’s ‘buy it now’ generation doesn’t want to wait for their new toys. Instead they take out personal loans or max out their credit cards to afford new cars, designer clothes or luxury holidays. There is nothing wrong with this mentality, but the problems usually come when the person’s personal circumstances change.

Personal loans and credit cards can be enormously useful tools. There will always be times when you need cash fast and you can’t wait until your end of year bonus hits your bank account. Used wisely, credit is a lifesaver (look at this website for the types of personal loans available to you), but if you borrow more than you can afford to repay, it won’t be long before you are struggling to keep your head above water. If this sounds like your current situation, here are five signs your debts are out of control. [click to read…]

Profitable Work From Home Jobs

by Guest on May 17, 2016

work from home jobsWe are now living in an age when technology has made it possible for a person to telecommute and still deliver just as any other worker. There are countless work-from-home jobs that you can do today. However, statistics show that just as there are numerous online jobs out there, there are scams to look out for as well. For every legitimate job you see online, there are around 50 scams. This calls for a person to be careful and vigilant when searching for an online job. Still, the opportunities found online are countless. Here are some of the best online jobs today:

Translator – Translating jobs are becoming popular. The main reason is because the world is becoming more integrated, or rather globalization is becoming more real by the day. A person who is bilingual is in high demand because companies don’t feel constrained by geographical factors. All they do is hire online and the translator will deliver results from their homes. The hourly median pay for a translator in American in 2015 was around $21.
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what determines auto insurance premiumsInsurance companies often use statistical calculation methods to determine how much coverage they should offer their customers and how much the premium should be. It’s not easy at all and they have to consider a long list of things.

Let’s discuss the factors that determine insurance coverage and premiums here.

Your location

Where do you live? You don’t have to tell me, but you have to tell this to the auto insurance company. Your location is among the crucial factors that determine the coverage and premiums of the policy.

If you live in a small town like Taos, New Mexico or in Santa Barbara, California, the the odds of getting into an accident are low. Big cities like New York, on the other hand, are full of traffic and accidents are very common.
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Important Tips For Retirement Planning

by Guest on May 5, 2016

want a comfortable retirementRetirement is that time of your life when you may no longer have a regular source of income. It is the time when you have to live on the money you have accumulated throughout your professional life. So the earlier you start saving for your retirement, the more money you will have at the time of your retirement.

Everyone should save for the post-retirement life

Ideally, retirement planning should start as soon as you start earning. Most employers offer EPF for their employees. As per the rule of Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) schemes, the employee has to contribute 12% of their basic salary and the employer also contributes the same amount to the fund. The power of compounding helps accumulate a huge amount at the time of your retirement.  However, those who are self-employed or do not have a fixed income, cannot enjoy the EPF schemes offered by employers. For them, the only option is to invest in a pension plan from a reputed insurance company. You can also invest in a mutual fund if your risk appetite is high. This will help your retirement planning to stay on track.
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Investment Wisdom For Every Age

by Guest on April 16, 2016

investment wisdomNo matter what your age, it’s never too late to start investing for your future. Your investment needs and investment strategies might be different depending on your age, but investing in general is a good financial move. The purpose of this article is to provide some investment wisdom for people of any age.

1 Ask Questions

It’s okay to ask questions about what you do not understand. Even experts didn’t start out as experts. They had to learn from ground zero just like everyone else. If you have funds through an investment firm, ask them questions because they want to help you – when you make money, they make money. Other sources of education are libraries, the internet, and friends or colleagues. So, go ahead and educate yourself. Just be careful to verify advice that you are given as some well-meaning friends or colleagues may be giving misguided advice.

2 Diversify

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket.” When it comes to investing in stocks and mutual funds, this is good advice. If you only invest in one company and that company goes bankrupt, you could lose your entire investment. It is best to invest in at least a couple of different options so that if one isn’t going well, you have others that probably are.
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getting the right mortgage for youGetting your first mortgage can seem like an exciting time. You’re finally purchasing a home for your family, and that’s cause for celebration. However, it’s important you take action to ensure you get the best deal possible. Believe it or not, people can pay varying amounts of interest each month for the same loan. So, you’ll want to take note of some of the advice in this article if you hope to keep as much cash in your accounts as possible. Thankfully, the process is not complicated, and you just need to follow the right path.

Save the largest deposit possible

It stands to reason that obtaining a large deposit will mean you get a better deal on your mortgage. The guys at http://onproperty.com.au/ and other relevant sites offer some great advice on the subject. You won’t have to borrow as much money, and so your monthly payments should decrease. In an ideal world, you should try to set aside around 10% to 20% of the total cost of the home. If you do that, your loan will only have to cover the remaining 80%. That could mean the difference between paying $500 per month or $400. You could spend that extra cash on home renovations or better holidays with your family.
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Making Insurance Work With Your Finances

by Pam on March 31, 2016

insurance tipsI think all of us know about the temptation to skip on insurance. So many of us are trying to save as much money as we can. Insurance sometimes just seems like an annoying extra expense, one that doesn’t really do anything for you. It can also be quite a complex business. There’s not just one kind of car insurance or life insurance. There’s different price tiers, different considerations and conditions to select, etc.

But if you don’t have insurance, then you could be putting yourself and your finances at severe risk. What’s more is that there are several forms of insurance that are forced upon you. How can you make insurance needs comply with your budgeting?
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