5 Unusual Jobs You Can Get With An Engineering Degree

by Pam on November 30, 2016

While most engineering students enter the field out of passion, most people who see the profession from a distance might see it as rigid and even boring in some cases. However, the field of engineering is infinitely vast and offers job prospects beyond the imagination. One just needs to think outside the box to see tons of non traditional applications to the job of engineer. In this article, we’re going to show you five fun and exciting careers you can pursue with an engineering degree.

Race Car Engineer

The job of a race car engineer is to tweak the performance of race cars by making physical and mechanical adjustments on the car. Their job will consist of everything from running real live simulations and analyzing data to supervising mechanical teams and serving as a right hand man to the pilot. The racing car engineer will also take recommendations from the pilot to make changes if necessary. This particular field demands good communication skills in addition to natural mathematical and imaging skills.

NASA Drone Operator

Curiosity, NASA’s mobile laboratory on Mars, is managed by a group of skilled engineers who work around the clock to keep it functioning from over 100 million miles away. While the job seems like all fun at first, it is a very serious position that demands extensive knowledge of drone technology. Only certified engineers can fill the job of NASA drone operator and these positions are open only to a selected few.

3D Printing Engineer

3d printing is the new baby in the world of manufacturing. It has been the talk of the town lately with many new applications being found every day. 3d printers use raw materials, such as plastics and vinyl, and use them to replicate full size models by laying down successive layers of material. From all the skills required from new engineers, 3d printing probably comes at the top of the list with as many as 35% new job applications for engineers requiring knowledge of 3d printing as a prerequisite. Many online universities like the New Jersey Institute of Technology offer 3d printing formation as part of their online civil engineering degree. Certified civil engineering online degrees are also more highly regarded than ever, making them a great option for students who want to get their foot in the door in this growing sector.

Patent Agent and Patent Lawyer

Both patent agents and lawyers are required to have significant knowledge and interest in engineering. Patent lawyers will be asked to handle intellectual property issues on a legal level, while patent agents will be asked to research the background products and make recommendations to either transform the product so that it doesn’t infringe on intellectual property, or supervise the production process to make sure that the final product doesn’t.

As you can see, there are tons of exciting jobs you can get with an engineering degree. Don’t hesitate to broaden your horizons and see all the great options that are available to you.

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