5 Ways To Teach Your Kids The Importance Of Giving

by Leon on January 22, 2013

teach your child to giveWhen a person takes on the awesome responsibility of raising a child, this means that they are providing them with the kinds of tools that they need in order to be happy, healthy and responsible adults. Certainly, one of the things that help to create that kind of individual is having the desire to give to those in need.

When you’re first introducing that concept to your children, it can be a bit tricky because you want to be able to do it in a way that doesn’t seem like a chore, but rather something that is fun and rewarding. That’s what this article is about: providing you with five ways to teach your child about the importance of giving in a way that will make them want to do it on their own.

Give things away. Oftentimes, when we’re cleaning out our children’s closets and drawers, we simply go through them and throw out the clothes and toys that we feel they don’t need or aren’t using anymore. One way to introduce giving to your child is to have them be a part of that process. You can explain to them that the stuff that is going “away” (to another home or a local thrift store) will be so that another child can be happy.

Get a pet. There is something very special about the bond between a child and a pet. While it does provide them with something else to love, it also gives them a sense of responsibility as they learn how to feed and nurture their pet. When you have to take care of a living animal, you’re automatically learning a lot about giving.

Start a “charity piggy bank”. Once your child is old enough to receive an allowance, consider having a piggy bank or Mason jar in one of the main rooms of the house (like the living room or kitchen). Encourage your child to put some of their weekly allowance into the bank (along with some of your own money) and then let them decide what person or cause that it should go to once it is full.

Buy one. Give one. Almost all children look forward to birthdays and Christmas because that’s the time of year when they know that presents are coming their way. One thing that many parents do is get 3-5 gifts for their child and then purchase another identical set. Then the child picks who to give the other set of presents to, such as someone in need in their school or church.

Volunteer. When it comes to many of the thoughts on life and how to make it a better place, encouraging your child to have a sense of community is always beneficial; one of the best ways to do that is by having them volunteer somewhere. Whether it’s alongside you at an animal shelter, a non-profit organization or some other kind of place that services the area, the sooner that your child gets used to helping others while expecting nothing in return, the more it will become a natural part of who they are—now through their adult life.


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