A Way To Eat Lobster For Less

by Pam on April 15, 2011

If you are a lobster fan, you will know how expensive it can be to order it at a restaurant.  When my husband and I traveled to Prince Edward Island one summer we each ordered a lobster and our bill was almost $100!  That was the most I ever paid at a restaurant.

But there is a more affordable way to enjoy fresh lobster.  Every once in a while, I pick up a couple of live lobsters at Superstore or Sobeys.  It is weird the first few times, bringing home living creatures in a bag, but I have gotten used it.

Once at home, my husband cooks them in boiling water.  They don’t scream like they do in the movies.  It is very uneventful, actually.  By cooking them ourselves, we can have a lobster dinner for about $25.  Most often I buy lobster at $10 per pound, although occasionally it does go on sale.

The lobster tastes very fresh and is just as good as the ones you eat in the restaurant.   Just boil them in salt and water for about 15 minutes.  They change color almost immediately after you put them in the water.  Just put them in head first when the water is boiling hard and they will die instantly.  (I must admit, though, that I still haven’t done this part myself, my husband always does it.)

Making lobster is extremely low maintenance.  So the next time you have a craving for lobster, stop by your favorite grocery store and pick some up.  You will save a lot of money by eating them at home and you will be able to tell your friends you cooked your own lobster.



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