Become A Member And Save Money When You Shop

by Pam on June 21, 2010

Although it may be annoying to have so many cards in your wallet from all the various stores where you regularly shop, it is worth your time to become a member when it results in saving you money.  It’s important to familiarize yourself with the benefits of membership and often all it takes to apply is your name, contact information, and mailing address.  The best part is that membership is often free!

You can also benefit from becoming a member in a country other than your own.  This worked for me when I was shopping for groceries during our travels in the U.S.  While shopping I noticed that members enjoyed significant savings, so when at the till, I asked the cashier if I could become a member even though I was Canadian.  She said it was no problem and it only took about two minutes to fill out the application form.  On that same bill, by taking the extra 2 minutes, I was able to save about $15.00.  It never hurts to ask!

At a different store in the U.S. where I was purchasing groceries, I asked if it was possible to become a member, and the cashier told me that whenever I shopped at the store I should just tell the cashier that I was a visitor and then I would benefit from the membership prices.  Nice!  So it definitely goes to show that it’s always a good idea to ask for a deal.  Don’t be shy.  Stores want your business so they are usually willing to be flexible and helpful.

The next time you shop at a store that offers worthwhile rewards that result in discounts or cash back, take that extra minute and become a member.  You won’t regret it as you will see your dollar stretch as a result.

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