Essential Versus Luxury Car Features – Which Do You Really Need?

by Leon on March 15, 2013

luxury car features that you should ask forAre you in the market for a new car? If so, you might have your eye on one of the luxury vehicles that are on the market and if so, who could blame you? Aside from how attractive they are, there are so many features that they have that make driving a true pleasure.

However, if your budget is saying that you can’t really afford a luxury vehicle, the good news is that that there are some “luxury features” that you can request in a car that retails for far less money; features that will not just make you feel like you are living among the rich and famous, but will prove to be ones that you actually do need.

So what kind of essential luxury car features should you look for in a standard automobile? We’re so glad that you asked:

Leather seats. There are very few luxury cars that you’re going to see that do not have leather seats. Although they do make a car look quite expensive, there are some practical reasons for why manufacturers put leather in certain cars. Leather is comfortable, durable, it’s easy to clean, it doesn’t trap odor into the fabric and it’s great for individuals with allergies because things like dust, dirt and particles do not penetrate the fabric.

In-dash navigation. Many luxury cars have in-dash navigation rather than a portable GPS unit. The great thing about going the in-dash route is that being that it’s built into the car, it’s far less likely to be stolen. Plus, the navigation screens are larger, they tend to come with voice recognition and they are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Hands-free Bluetooth. This is a feature that is not only found in luxury models, but if you’re in the market for a new car, you should definitely make sure to request a hands-free Bluetooth. In most states, it’s illegal to text while driving and many states will also pull you over for using your cell phone to engage in a conversation. However, if you have a hands-free Bluetooth, you can make calls while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Back-up camera. If you consulted with a mechanic such as Leonards Garage and Service Center or a place closer to your home about the kind of luxury car features that you should request in your new car purchase, something else that they might recommend is a back-up camera. There are a lot of unfortunate accidents that happen simply because people cannot see all of their blind spots when they are pulling out of the driveway or a parking space. A back-up camera can significantly reduce the risk of hitting a car or an individual in these situations. Also, they’re ideal for helping people who may have trouble parallel parking.

Adjustable suspension. Something else that you might want to consider is getting adjustable suspension. The reason why many luxury car manufacturers use this option is because it helps to adjust the height of the car which can come in handy when driving over rough terrain. You can also use it to lower your ground clearance which can ultimately increase your car’s driving performance (and even give you more miles per gallon). If you want your drives to feel smoother, this is a “luxury feature” that you simply cannot do without.

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