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by Pam on April 10, 2014

laon options when you need moneyAre you in need of a personal loan? If so, you may have more options than you realize to get that loan. Whether you have perfect credit or not so great credit, lets take a look at some options that you have available to you to get that loan.

Ask a Local Bank or Credit Union for Money

When you go to a local bank or credit union, you have a few different loan products that you can choose from. You can apply for a credit card, apply for a personal loan or apply for a home equity loan or line of credit. The credit card and home equity loan are generally reserved for those who have good credit. However, you can usually get a personal loan regardless of your credit score.

Go Online for a Short-Term Loan

Your next move is to go online for a loan. There are dozens of lenders in your area and around the world that are willing to give you a loan simply by filling out a short application. Once you have filled out the application, you are then given a loan decision. You will see how much you were approved for and when the money is going to be deposited into your account. In most cases, you will see your money within an hour or two. However, it could take up to 24 hours to see the money.

Take a Cash Advance From a Credit Card

Although not an ideal solution to your money issue, you could take a cash advance from your credit card. Before doing so, check to see what the interest rate is and how long you have to pay back the loan. Depending on the terms of the cash advance, you may pay a higher interest rate than you would by using the credit card.

When you need money fast, you can look to LendMe personal loans brokers in Perth or other lenders in your area to get the cash that you need with few questions asked. This allows you to pay your bills, put extra money in the bank or put a down payment on a car or house without a lot of hassle or wondering if the loan is going to be approved.

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