How To Make Money From Your Old Tech Items

by Leon on January 26, 2013

how to make money on your tech itemsIf there’s one thing that all of us can probably agree on, it would be the fact that we all could use a bit more money in our wallets. No matter how hard we work and how many ways we learn to cut corners, there still seems to be an unexpected expense that occurs or a bill that needs to be paid.

We’re pretty sure that if you caught the title of this article, you can totally relate. Here’s the good news: If you have some old electronics lying around your house, they may just be as good as money in the bank. That’s because rather than letting them collect dust in your garage, there are a few things that you can do to earn an extra dollar or two. Check these leads out:

Go with Gazelle. A very popular way to make money from used tech items is to visit the website Gazelle. It is a company that is specifically created to purchase used iPhones, GPS systems, hard drives, satellite radios and even Blu-ray movies. From the sale, they will send you a check, pay you via PayPal, issue you an Amazon gift card or you can even donate the funds to a charity of your choosing. (Wal-Mart is a partner of theirs, so you can physically take your items to a location nearby if you would prefer.)

Sell them on Craigslist or eBay. One of the best things about both eBay and Craigslist is that all you need to do is set up an account, post a picture of your product, write a brief description, state your asking price and then wait for the customers to come to you. The thing is, although your tech items may be old to you there are all kinds of people who look for electronics to refurbish or to get the parts that they need.

Try Best Buy or Target. If you need some money so that you can purchase a new piece of electronic equipment, here’s an option to consider. Best Buy actually has a trade-in program where you can bring in your old gadgets in exchange for a store credit. It’s not cash, but if a laptop is what you’re after, that’s just as good, right? While we’re on the subject of trade-ins, Target also has one where you can bring in your gadgets in exchange for one of their gift cards too.

Visit Buy My Tronics. Suppose you want to sell iPhone 4 and you’re not sure where you can get the most money for it? You might want to look into selling it to Buy My Tronics. They specialize in used cell phone purchases (as well as “all things Apple”), plus if you agree on a price (that they’ll pay you via PayPal), they’ll even cover the shipping charge.

Use social media. Facebook and Twitter are for more than talking to your friends and following celebrities. Just by simply stating that you have a desktop or tablet for sale for the best offered price, you will probably find someone who is willing to make an offer in a matter of hours. So, if you’re really in a pinch and you need some money fast, don’t rule this option out. It could prove to be a real financial benefit (and personal convenience).

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Vivian Calhoun January 26, 2013 at 10:22 pm

A PayPal account can receive money as soon as it has been created, but to use it to send money or to buy products online, the user needs to set up a means of getting funds into the account. Normally the PayPal account is linked to an existing bank account, or to a credit or debit card.

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