Is It Worth Your Money? Take The Quiz To Find Out

by Pam on May 14, 2010

Do you think it is worth the money to have a lawyer draw up your will?

Do you consider generic prescription drugs to be as effective as the more expensive brand names?

These and other topics are brought up in the quiz “Is It Worth It?

To buy or not to buy- that is the question.  There are certain things that are offered to us that may seem like a good idea but later we find out that we wasted a lot of money for nothing.

Before reading any further, I would encourage you to take the short “Is It Worth It?” quiz on under the Spending Wisely section.

So, how did you score?  I was surprised by a few of the results.  It is important to be educated about the various products and solutions offered to us as consumers.  It is also important for us to be aware of the money grabs that are out there.  We want to be smart consumers, only spending our money on things that are going to benefit us.

If you did not have a chance to take the quiz, here are five of the ten topics the quiz covers:

1.  You do not necessarily have to change your car’s engine oil every 3000 miles as some people believe.  Check the owner’s manual instead and only do it as often as prescribed in the manual.

2.  Go ahead and buy the generic brands for prescription medication as they are just as good as the brand names and are much less expensive.

3. Get an annual furnace check up.  Apparently it is worth your money as the inspectors can determine how efficient your furnace is working as well as if there is anything faulty that could potentially cause a fire.  This is the one that surprised me, but it does make sense.

4.   Pay a lawyer to draw up your will rather than doing it yourself.  This is obvious – the lawyer will make sure you don’t miss anything important.

5.   Don’t bother to buy an extended warranty for your car when you first buy it, as it will usually be a waste of money.  You may want to consider buying it once your original warranty is close to expiring if you are having a lot of problems with it.

There are a lot of unnecessary products out there.  It is our job as consumers to be aware of what we are spending our money on.  Be sure it is worth your while before making a commitment to any particular product or service.

What are some products or services that you think are worth your money?  How about things that you definitely would say are just not worth it?

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