Make Your Own Wine

by Pam on July 3, 2009

save money by making your own wineIf you enjoy having a glass of wine now and then but you really don’t like spending the money on it, consider making your own wine.  My husband and I just made our very first batch recently and although it is somewhat time consuming; it’s also kind of fun. It will probably take us less time the next time we try it because we will know what we are doing.  The first time we had quite the adventure filtering our wine, but nonetheless we learned how to do it so the next time should be much easier.

We purchased a wine kit and with all of the supplies we spent about $190.00.  We ended up with 31 750ml bottles – so that works out to approximately $6.10 per bottle.  When we make our second batch, if we end up with the same number of bottles, they will only cost $2.25 each because the only thing we will need to purchase is the wine mix.  Not bad! 

So, if you are up for the challenge of trying something new, and you enjoy drinking wine, you might want to consider making some, too.

The kind we made – Australian Cabernet Shiraz – took us one month to make by going through 4 stages.  The last stage took the longest because we had to filter the wine and then bottle it and cork it.  The other 3 stages were quite simple and didn’t take very much time at all. Winemaking is fun and if you like drinking wine, this is definitely a cheaper option than buying it from the store where you will pay at least $10 per bottle plus tax.  Wine makes a great gift, too, so you can share the fruits of your labor with others!

Happy winemaking!

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