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by Pam on March 7, 2011

The Laws Of Money, The Lessons Of Life: Keep What You Have and Create What You Deserve by Suze Orman

I just recently finished reading an interesting book by Suze Orman entitled The Laws of Money, The Lessons of Life.  It discusses the five laws of money that we can follow in order to be financially successful in life.

The five laws are as follows:

Law 1: Truth Creates Money, Lies Destroy It

Suze’s first law is very simple.  Don’t lie about your financial situation. Don’t buy what you cannot afford and don’t pretend that you are richer than you are.  Live within or below your means rather than allowing yourself to get into bad debt.  Don’t think that others will not like you if you don’t appear to have a lot of money.  People will like you for who you are and not for what you have.

Law 2: Look At What You Have, Not At What You Had

This second law is about living in the present and not in the past.   There is no use comparing yourself and your money to something that no longer exists.  The past has no power over you unless you give it power.  Be sure to focus on what you have now and work with that so that you can move forward and be successful.  Don’t continue to live with regrets from the past.

Law 3: Do What Is Right For You Before You Do What Is Right For Your Money

Law 3 is all about putting yourself first when you make financial decisions.  Money is supposed to give you more freedom, make you feel more secure, and help you take control over your life.  Don’t let money ever be in control of you, always be sure that you are in control of your money.  Think of money as a mirror.  When you do what’s right for you, it shows up in your money.

Law 4: Invest In The Known Before The Unknown

This law emphasizes the importance of making sure you have got all your necessities covered.  You know you need to be able to pay for shelter, food, and clothing so make sure you are saving an adequate amount for these known needs.  Save for emergencies as well and do not neglect your need to save for your future retirement.  Once these known needs are covered, then, and only then, should you be willing to focus on extra things.

Law 5: Always Remember: Money Has No Power Of Its Own

The final law is all about realizing that money doesn’t do anything by itself.  It is entirely under your control.  You can help it to grow by investing it properly, or you can squander it away on foolish things.  The choice is up to you as you are the one who controls it.  Never let yourself believe that having more money will give you more power or that having less will leave you powerless.  And, finally, remember your priorities.  People first, then money, then things.

This book is really easy to read and understand and I would encourage anyone who is having difficulties with their finances to check it out.  Suze Orman’s five laws are extremely practical and wise and she provides examples throughout the book of how these laws can be put into action.

Don’t give up on your financial situation.  Today is the best day to start fresh.  Try out these laws in your own life and you will discover how freeing it can be when you take control of your own situation and begin to tell the truth about who you are.

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